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GOT7’s BamBam Delivers Breathtaking Performances At His “AREA 52” Concert in Manila

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bambam concert in manila

The “AREA 52” concert in Manila kicked off with a bang as GOT7’s BamBam took center stage. The crowd’s energy soared from the very beginning, fueled by the opening act of the K-pop girl group DreamNote, who treated the audience to their vibrant hits “Broken” and “Lemonade.”

BamBam seized the spotlight with his entrance, setting the stage ablaze with “Satellites” and a series of powerhouse tracks, including “Wheels Up,” “Pandora,” “Sour & Sweet,” and “Ride or Die.”

The concert took a captivating turn as BamBam, adorned in a striking long red coat, serenaded the audience with the soulful “Let’s Dance.” Revealing a softer side, he showcased his sweet vocals and smooth contemporary dance moves, later engaging in a duet dance to the soulful R&B track “Who Are You.”

The energy continued with crowd favorites like “Take It Easy” and “Ghost,” as BamBam invited Ahgases to join him in a chorus of sing-alongs.

Filo Ahgases went wild when the Thai-born idol surprised his Filipino fans with a much-anticipated rendition of the OPM hit “Raining in Manila,” originally by Pinoy rock band Lola Amour. The crowd’s response was overwhelming, prompting BamBam to graciously perform the viral song not once, but twice.

From high-energy to unexpected performances, BamBam’s solo concert proved to be an out-of-this-world experience.

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