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HBO Asia’s Crime Thriller ‘On The Job’ Is Now On HBO GO Via SKY For Only PHP 99 Per Month




On the Job on HBO GO via SKY 1 1 1

For all HBO GO subscribers out there, this is fantastic news! The HBO Asia Original series “On the Job,” starring Joel Torre, Piolo Pascual, Gerald Anderson, Joey Marquez,John Arcilla, Christopher de Leon and Dennis Trillo, shakes up home viewing with intense action and drama every Sunday on HBO GO via SKY.

On the Job on HBO GO via SKY 1 1
Photo courtesy: HBO GO | SKY

The film revolves around two prisoners, Tatang (Joel Torre) and Daniel (Gerald Anderson), on risky missions to assassinate high-profile political people ordered by unknown crime syndicates. However, cop sergeant Joaquin (Joey Marquez) and bureau agent Francis (Piolo Pascual) are on their pursuit, attempting to apprehend them and end the horrible crimes.    

Meanwhile, the series will address another real-world issue in today’s media as journalists Sisoy (John Arcilla) and Arnel (Christopher de Leon) attempt to uncover the truth behind fake news and demonstrate how simple it is to create and circulate false information general public in the information age. When eight people, all tied to a newspaper, go missing one day, another hired murderer on the run, convict Roman (Dennis Trillo), has crucial proof.

Even if you’ve watched the original film version, its director Erik Matti encourages you to watch the six-part series.

The new six-episode HBO Asia Original crime thriller series is based on Erik Matti’s classic of the same name, which premiered on HBO GO earlier this year. The new six-part HBO Asia Original crime drama series will debut on HBO GO is based on Erik Matti’s masterwork of the same name, which played as a film at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, and features never-before-seen episodes. “On the Job: The Missing 8” competes at the prestigious 78th Venice Film Festival.

More Info About SKY’s HBO GO:

Don’t miss out on all the fun and excitement since new episodes of “On the Job” are available on HBO GO every Sunday for Pinoy viewers. With SKY’s HBO GO plan, you can watch it high-definition and commercial-free for as little as P99 per month via SKYcable or P149 per month via any SKY Fiber subscription bundle.

To know more about SKY’s video-on-demand plans and the premiere of “On the Job,” visit, or follow SKY on Facebook (, Twitter, and Instagram (@myskyupdates).      


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