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HIGHLIGHTS: GOT7’s Park Jinyoung Rendezvous Fanconcert In Manila


Korean idol and actor Park Jinyoung of GOT7 recently held a successful fan concert last February 26 at the New Frontier Theater in Manila, Philippines entitled2023 PARK JINYOUNG FANCONCERT – RENDEZVOUS in Manila: Secret Meeting Between You and Me“.

He opened the show with “Coming Home” from the JJ Project and his comeback song “Cotton Candy”.

It has been almost four years since Jinyoung visited Manila; the last one was for the GOT7 “Keep Spinning” world tour in 2019. The idol made sure to prepare a lot of activities for this reunion with his Filipino Ahgases (GOT7 fans). “Honestly, it’s all about my fans. My fans waited for a long time. When someone’s waiting for you, you can’t help but just go on and on.” he said.

GOT7’s Jinyoung also admitted that he is grateful for fans (ahgase).“Actually even today we gave a fan concert because of you, because you are all here to see me. Your effort to see me, this is all I can give back. ”, he added.

Park Jinyoung ‘Rendevous’ Fanconcert in Manila | Photo by Jacquelou Colitoy

Jinyoung started his solo album around 2 to 3 years ago. “I hope that you guys love my album. You guys love my album?” he asked, to which the New Frontier Theater responded in unison with a resounding “YES!”.

He also admitted that he is happy and at the same time shy to speak english. Jinyoung said, “I am so happy you guys came today. Honestly, I am so shy to speak in English. I miss you so much. I think the other members miss you too. So let’s enjoy tonight!

Highlights of Jinyoung Fanconcert In Manila

In case you missed it, here are the highlights from last Sunday’s Rendezvous with GOT7’s Park Jinyoung. He held his first solo fan concert in Manila at the New Frontier Theater. 

Park Jinyoung As An Actor

The next segment of the fan concert was called “Actor Park Jinyoung” where they played a voice recording with different clues from plush bears to showcase the different roles Jinyoung has portrayed as an actor. Through the years, he has shown exceptional acting in his roles in drama series and movies, including This Is My Love (or My Love Eun-dong), The Devil Judge, A Christmas Carol, and Yumi’s Cells Season 2, to name a few. 

When asked about the movie A Christmas Carol, Jinyoung said it was challenging to play the extreme characters of twins after playing the role of “first love” in his past Kdramas. “It was difficult, but I really learned a lot.” 

Actor Park Jinyoung segment with Ms. Kring Kim | Photo by Jacquelou Colitoy

He was also informed how the writers of Yumi’s Cells Season 2 praised him for his acting of Yoo Ba-bi, to which he replied, “Thank you to the writers for the compliments, a reason for me to do even better in the future.

Park Jinyoung’s Fan Service

The fan concert lasted for almost 3 hours, and more than 50% of the time was given to fan interactions onstage. 

One segment allowed four lucky Ahgases to have their Polaroid photos taken with their idol. “Philippines is just one show, right?” Jinyoung immediately added more winners to the photo opportunity session when he found out that he will only be in Manila for one night. “I wish I could have photos with everyone,” the Korean idol added.

He also picked several on-the-spot messages from his Filipino fans on a post-it note board at the venue’s entrance before the show started. The actor-idol took time to check the letters individually, making sure to pick the heartfelt messages.

Those whose letters were chosen and read by Jinyoung were given gifts and had the chance to hug their idol. Jinyoung was so sweet and gracious to his fans and even accommodated a dance showdown request from one of the winners! All for good fun.

Another fan service from Jinyoung was singing the birthday song to all the February birthday celebrants and giving hand-written messages to those celebrating on the day of the fan meeting. This is Jinyoung’s way of showing appreciation for fans who spent their special day with him on his Manila show.

“I hope you won’t be sad (for not winning the stage segments). If it’s up to me, I will hug all of you and give you all gifts,” he said. Jinyoung also added that it might look like only the fans were having fun, but he enjoyed spending time with everyone.

Jinyoung’s Photographs

In the segment called “Jinyoung’s Moments”, Jinyoung shared different photos of him on huge LED screens onstage, some of which were only shown to the public for the first time! These pictures include a photo of him when he was still a newbie actor, a photo during a Jeju Island vacation, etc.

One picture was said to be taken by his co-GOT7 member Yugyeom, which he said is his favourite. Jinyoung loves to take pictures of the other members and seldom gets his photo taken. He said he had a “very dangerous phone” filled with pictures of the other members.  

When asked what his favorite photo subjects are, he said that before, he loved taking pictures of the members, but now since he is touring alone, he captures more of the sights. Then he jokingly sang “I have nobodyyy…” from the song Mister Lonely. 

Park Jinyoung as a Kpop Idol 

For the second half of the show, Jinyoung burned the stage with all-out song and dance numbers, including Letter and Animal. He shined even more while doing a GOT7 medley, including much-awaited performances of Bounce of the JJ Project, Just Right, A, Hard Carry, and You Calling My Name. “I prepared this so we can remember all the happy memories with all the members,” he said.

He performed a mix of his group songs with his solo songs, a dream set-list including Our Miracle, Sleep Well, Dive, Last Piece, NANANA, and Home Run.

Finally, he ended the night with the fitting song Encore. It rained confetti in the venue as fans celebrated the night they waited for a long time. 

“Thank you so much and I love you so much, Philippines. It’s so sad because we only have one night to be together, but I promise I’ll be back. Hope you will all be healthy till I get back,” he said.

Jinyoung also added, “Thank you so much for waiting for me. I didn’t expect to stand in front of you guys without the rest of my members. I was alone, but I was very happy.”

From his fan service to powerful performances, Park Jinyoung gave Manila a Rendezvous to remember and promised that he will be back soon.

Buzzsetter extends gratitude to PULP Live World for the media invite to 2023 PARK JINYOUNG FANCONCERT – RENDEZVOUS: Secret Meeting Between You and Me in Manila. The event was covered by Ana Gonzales and Jacquelou Colitoy

Ana Gonzales
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  1. Ang talented talaga ni Park Jinyoung. Ang saya ng fanconcert na ito kasi ang daming activities na may interaction with his fans. For sure, super nag enjoy ang mga dumalo dito.


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