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Unstoppable Global Rise: HORI7ON Tops iTunes Album Charts at Rank 1

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HORI7ON debuted mnet countdown

South Korea-based Filipino boy band HORI7ON is unstoppable as they are on their way towards the global stage.

HORI7ON has just dropped their debut full-length album, “Friend-SHIP,” and they are currently on a roll, promoting their catchy title track “SIX7EEN.”

The group received a fantastic nomination on “The Show Choice” for their song “SIX7EEN,” which aired on SBS M and SBS FiL on July 1. It’s worth noting that HORI7ON came together through the KOR-PHIL collaborative audition program called “Dream Maker,” their debut has been a smashing success.

HORI7ON debuted mnet countdown
Photo credits: MLD Entertainment and capture from SBS M, SBS FiL “The Show”

Their song “SIX7EEN” is about confident determination and has struck a chord with fans. The response has been overwhelming, with the group topping the iTunes chart in the Philippines. Not just that, every time they perform on different music shows, they trend on Twitter in the Philippines, showing their rising popularity as a world pop group.

It doesn’t stop there; their album “Friend-SHIP” has been making waves too. On the day of its release, HORI7ON secured the top spot on the iTunes album chart in the Philippines, New Zealand, and Arab Emirates. And the very next day, on July 25, they repeated the feat in Spain, Qatar, and Poland, proving that the collaboration between K-POP and P-POP is a winning formula.

South Korea Filipino boy band HORI7ON
Photo credits: MLD Entertainment and capture from SBS M, SBS FiL “The Show”

With a whopping 21 songs, “Friend-SHIP” showcases the seven members’ unique musical colors. HORI7ON has been on a whirlwind journey from “Dream Maker” to their official debut, and throughout it all, their dreams, hopes, and the support of their Anchors (official fan club name) have kept them going strong.

As they continue to make their mark in pop music, HORI7ON is actively promoting both in Korea and internationally, captivating audiences and solidifying their position as a rising global sensation.

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