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HORI7ON kicks off official promotions with SIX7EEN on Mnet’s M Countdown’s stage

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HORI7ON debuted mnet countdown

HORI7ON will perform its debut single, “SIX7EEN,” on the stage of Mnet’s M Countdown this afternoon (27th).

“SIX7EEN” is a song with an appealing melody and a slap bass chorus that makes it unique. As the lyrics convey messages of a self-assured adolescent with a complete hexagonal skill set, the ceremony also demonstrates positive energy.

HORI7ON debuted facts

HORI7ON displayed their energetic charms with a powerful performance of their title song, “SIX7EEN.” As much as they’ve begun from a survival show, they have a solid foundation of skills and will now display even more of their musical hues.

HORI7ON debuted mnet countdown

HORI7ON is a seven membered group with members Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus who was formed from a PH-KOR collaborative audition program called “Dream Maker”. Even before their official debut, the group has been actively promoting in the Philippines building up their global fandom as they made their presence known.

In a recent showcase held on the 24th, they stated that they “want to display HORI7ON’s countless charms to the entire world.” With this in mind, all eyes are on them as they enter the stage for the first time as an international pop group.

On July 27, HORI7ON will have its debut performance, broadcast live on Mnet’s M Countdown.

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