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HORI7ON Releases Youthful Teaser for their debut title track ‘SIX7EEN’

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hori7on teaser

HORI7ON, a promising and vibrant group, recently unveiled a captivating display of youthful energy. They introduced their debut title track, “SIX7EEN,” by sharing a music video teaser on July 14 via their official social media channels.

The teaser video showcased the seven members of HORI7ON, exuding their alluring visuals while sporting a casual yet sporty attire that perfectly complemented their high-teen concept. One aspect that caught listeners’ attention was the addictive hook and the lyrics “Ooh-La-la,” which emitted a refreshing and cheerful vibe, intensifying curiosity about the upcoming song.

hori7on teaser

“SIX7EEN” carries symbolic significance, with “SIX” representing the flawless hexagon and “Teenager” forming a clever wordplay. This choice of title reflects HORI7ON’s determination to showcase its energy through this song. Alongside this energetic message, the members are expected to demonstrate their strong bond and camaraderie, highlighting their tight friendship.

Having established themselves as a world pop group, HORI7ON is preparing to make a grand entrance with their debut album, “Friend-SHIP,” which boasts a remarkable collection of 21 songs. In addition to individual solo tracks, fans eagerly anticipate the collaborative synergy emerging as labelmates Haeun (of Lapillus), Leo, and Noa (of TFN) support the album.

Originating from a Philippines-Korea collaborative survival show called Dream Maker, HORI7ON has already garnered a dedicated fan base through various promotions during their pre-debut phase in the Philippines. As anticipation builds for their debut in Korea, the group has also treated fans to a reality documentary series titled “100 Days Miracle,” chronicling their 100-day journey leading up to this significant milestone.

The highly anticipated debut album, “Friend-SHIP,” by HORI7ON, will be released on July 24th at 6 PM (KST) across multiple online music platforms. With their sights set on Korea, the group fearlessly sets sail, ready to make their mark in the industry.

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