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Hossein’s Persian Kebab In Makati: Authentic Middle Eastern Food And Hospitality




Hossein’s Persian Kebab

The Philippines is a melting pot of different cultures from Asia to the West. When it comes to delicious Persian and Middle Eastern: Hossein’s Persian Kebab is the first place that comes to mind to most Filipinos living in Metro Manila.

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The brand new and renovated Hossein in Makati Avenue.
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Hossein will make help you experience Arab hospitality through authentic Arabian furniture and cuisine
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The restaurant has a modern and cozy look
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The restaurant is perfect for dates, friends, and family
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A stylish brick mirror at the entrance

Hossein’s is one of the first which brought Middle Eastern food to the Philippines and it started back in 1985. Handed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter and in turn, daughter to son. Hossein’s Persian Kebab aims to showcase the culture, history and family tradition of Chef Hossein Sohrabi.

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Start of with this. Naan (P135) and Roti Channai (Php 140)

In the Philippines, we have rice. In the states, Americans love to eat mashed potatoes. For those who grew up in the Middle East Naan and Roti Channi was our go-to meal that will fill up for the entire day. However, the Naan mixed with Roti Chennai is one of the best that we ever tried!

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You need to start off with the Chef’s Starter which is the Appetizer for only P1,175

We first started off with the starters and the starters is what really set the tone for the meal. The platter’s was made with Hummus, Moutubal, Kibbeh, Dolmeh, Falafel, and Tabbouleh Salad. The platter is served with three pieces of pita bread. A definte favorite would be the Moutubal and the fresh taste of the Tabbouleh Salad. The hummus also stole the show with it sweet flavors!

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One of the most popular dishes at Hossein. The Mixed Kebab 2 cost only P735.00

A favorite of Buzzsetter is the Mixed Kebab 2. For those who haven’t tried Middle Eastern food: This is a good dish to start with! Itis served with three sticks of with, shish, and chicken kebab grilled with char-grilled tomatoes and onions at the side. Simply mouthwatering!

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Buzzsetter recommends Chicken Dopiaza. It cost only P490.

Although it is affordable, the Chicken Dopiaza did not disappoint! The chicken served with curry sauce with onions and a melange of Pakistani herbs and Persian spices makes you feel like you’re in the desert oasis!

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Ghormeh Sabzi (P725)

Ghormeh Sabzi is a must-try for all the beef lovers out there! The beef Beef cooked in with saffron, beans, and a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs. It’s the complete meal for any beef junkie out there.

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Saffron and Biryani Rice (P180)

For people who lived or visited the Middle East, biryani is a meal that you first need to try. You haven’t been to the Middle if you never had a good plate of Biryani rice to go with your exquisite dish. The Saffron and Biryani rice are a definite must-have for all the Middle Eastern and Persian dishes!

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Mache Polo (Php 965.00)

Everyone needs to try lamb once in a while and the best place would be at Hossein. Mache Polo cooked in a saffron & tomato sauce with spices.

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Shrimp Kebab (Php 890)

This is a good meal for all shrimp lovers out there. The Shrimp Kebab is served with Hossiens own signature Yogurt sauce. GIve it a try and try a different Kebab dish!

Shisha Room

Hossein’s Persian Kebab has its own shisha room which is licensed and accredited for Makati. They have the state of the art modern exhaust that they are given a smoking permit in the Shisha Room.

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Unlike most shisha room’s in Metro Manila, this shisha room is quite Instagrammable
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They also have comfortable seats and chairs! Perfect for a shisha conversation!

Customers can not only enjoy Shisha but Hossein’s food can also be sent downstairs. Customers can enjoy eating delicious Arabian cuisine, smoke shisha and enjoy the great Arab hospitality that the Middle East is known for.

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You can choose the shisha bottle that fits your personality
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Shisha can last up to 2 hours or more

Hossein’s Persian Kebab

  • Rate: 10/10
  • Address: Second Floor, LKV Building, 7857 Makati Avenue, Bel-Air, Makati City
  • Customer Service: Excellent!
  • Aircon: Yes
  • Opening Hours: 11:30 AM – 1:00 AM
  • Mobile Signal: Good
  • Pets Allowed: N/A
  • Outdoor Seating: Available on the balcony
  • Smoking: Allowed in Shisha Room
  • Bathrooms: Inside the restaurant and Shisha Room
  • Parking: Available

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