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Hotel Sogo Embraces The New Normal: Long-Term Innovation

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The impact of Covid-19 has slammed businesses and different industries instantly in just a short period of time, despite the efforts made in making the economy Despite the efforts taken to move the economy forward, the impact of Covid-19 has rocked enterprises and diverse industries in a short amount of time, and there are still businesses and establishments that are feeling its long-term impacts, such as in the hospitality industry.

staycation philippines

These affected businesses have increased their efforts to develop and adapt to the new normal by implementing stricter safety measures and investing in technological advancement to ensure the safety of all guests and employees, just as the country’s largest and fastest-growing Filipino-owned hotel chain did across all of its locations. “As early as March 2020 last year, we at Hotel Sogo were working on measures to assist improve the situation in our hotels. We continued to investigate, invest, and discover novel ways to improve our safety measures, particularly in terms of cleanliness and sanitation, from that point forward.” Ms. Sue Geminiano, Corporate Marketing Manager at Hotel Sogo, stated.

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Apart from the enhanced new standard protocols such as no-contact fixtures and thermal scans, the Hotel Sogo management implemented some notable changes and innovations throughout its locations, including UVC disinfection in rooms, lobbies, and air-conditioning units, increased ventilation, microbial testing (method to indicate the presence and amount of microorganisms), Covid sniffer dogs, and reduced tou.

The safety and well-being of guests and employees are prioritized by Hotel Sogo’s 11 So Safe Innovations. “This ongoing pandemic has prompted us to take additional precautions to ensure our safety. The innovations I’m referring to are the creation and enhancement of amenities centered on the four key strategies to prevent the transmission of the virus and safeguard our guests: reducing touchpoints, improving air quality, disinfection, and testing. It is critical to test all of these processes to ensure that they are truly successful in keeping our visitors safe; we want our guests to feel comfortable and secure while staying at Hotel Sogo. Even after the pandemic, we will continue to protect our guests and create more advanced protocols,” Ms. Geminiano continued.

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It’s more than a hotel. Apart from the hotel improvements, Hotel Sogo is stepping up its efforts to assist other citizens through its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Sogo Cares. Hotel Sogo is assisting impoverished communities in need of basic essentials including food, medication, and clean water.

“We recently gave food boxes as well as linens and towels to the victims of the Manila fires. With the support of AFP, we also delivered necessary items to the Philippine General Hospital, including bottled water, linens, pillows, surgical masks, pillow cases, and mattresses, as well as providing assistance to several community pantries in Bulacan and Quezon City. In these tough times, our staff will undoubtedly assist individuals who are in need. Even during the GCQ, all Hotel Sogo branches are still taking frontliners, essential, repatriated OFW, sailors, and economic personnel. Ms. Geminiano added, “We also accommodate those who choose long-term stays for job objectives.”

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Hotel Sogo, through its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative Sogo Cares, has done over 400 medical missions with over 100,000 beneficiaries and led over 600 contributions with over 170,000 beneficiaries over the period of six (6) years, beginning in 2015.

For more details, visit or like and follow Hotel Sogo on Facebook (, Twitter (@hotelsogo), and Instagram (@hotelsogo).

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