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Summer Hydrangea Festival At Hueree Natural Park: The Little Jeju Inside of Jeju Island

Hueree Natural Park is a beautiful park and was chosen as one of the Best Tourist Attractions in Korea!

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Hueree Natural Park is a beautiful park and was chosen as one of the Best Tourist Attractions in Korea! It is so much like Jeju that it could be called a “little Jeju inside of Jeju.” At the end of the Hallasan Mountain skirt, there is a park where people can learn about natural life. You can take a break from the stress of city life by going for a walk in Jeju Olle, and a cute performance by black pigs is another thing to see.

Hueree Natural Park 1 1
Image Source: Korea Tourism Organization

The admission fee are Adult: ₩11,000 , Youth: ₩9,000 and Child: ₩8,000. There are also activities like tangerine picking that cost ₩5,000 and horse riding for only ₩10,000

Some of the things to do at Jeju Hueree Natural Park are the Black Pig Show and seeing the park’s plants and animals. In the spring, we went to Jeju Hueree Natural Park, which was a great place for a walk.

It is the best way to show what Jeju is like because it has all of the things that make the island famous. In this park, you can see some of Jeju’s most beautiful plants and animals, like the Hallabong, or Jeju mandarin orange, and the famous black pig. You can also do things like pick plums and walk barefoot on the ground made of charcoal.

Main Attractions

The main attractions of Hueree Natural Park are Insect Exhibit Jeju Cultural Village, Hueree Wild Flower Garden ,Seasonal Flower Garden and Hot Spring.

Hueree Natural Park is a good place for families with kids and for couples who want to have a special date. The park is right next to Halla Mountain. It is so close that you can almost touch it.


Hueree Natural Park is on the edge of Hallasan Mountain. The park is a fun place to learn about nature and its importance. It is described as “an island within an island.” It has different programs for different times of the year, like the Apricot Flower Festival, Plum Harvest, and Orange Mandarin Harvest. Earthenware, the Dottong, which is a traditional local bathroom, and millstones show how people live and what their culture is like.

Seasonal Festivals

  • Plum Festival (mid Feb – Mar)
  • Hydrangea Festival (Apr – Jul)
  • Pink Muhly Festival (mid Sept – Oct)
  • Camelia Festival (mid Nov-Dec)

Baby pigs, rabbits, squirrels, and black goats can also be fed by guests. The floor of the park is made up of volcanic cinders, which are called scoria. The park is full of colorful towers made of volcanic rock in a pine forest. Visitors will find the best rest and relaxation in the forest, where they can walk barefoot in the soft breeze.

How To Get To Hueree Natural Park

Address 256, Sillyedong-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
제주특별자치도 서귀포시 남원읍 신례동로 256

Hours of Operation:

9:00 to 8:00 (Last Admission 16:30)
Open all the time
Entry until 16:00: Tangerine Picking, Horse Riding
From 10:00 to 17:00, the Black Pig Show is on every hour.


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