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Hwang Min Hyun Makes Filo Hwangdos Hearts Flutter at his Mini Concert in Manila

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hwang min hyun manila concert recap

South Korean Kpop idol and Kdrama actor Hwang Min Hyun just concluded his <UNVEIL> Mini Concert in Manila at the New Frontier Theater in Cubao last Sunday, October 8, 2023. The venue was packed with his Filipino fans, the Hwangdo, who anticipated this concert for many years. 

The concert definitely did not disappoint. The multi-talented Korean star opened the stage with a powerful performance of “Hidden Side” from his 2023 album “Truth or Lie”, showcasing his stable vocals amidst going all-out with his choreo. Later on he revealed that he performed a different arrangement for the song making it even more special for his Filipino audience. 

“Kamusta kayo? Namiss ko kayo!” the ever-prepared Hwang Min Hyun greeted his fans in Filipino, no less. When asked how it feels to be back in Manila, he replied, “It has really been a while since I’ve been here, and of course I am very much excited to be here tonight. I recently finished my drama series My Lovely Liar, so I’ve been preparing for this concert and eagerly anticipating the moment to finally meet my cherished Hwangdo.” 

“I think you already know a little bit about my mini-concert tonight. But it’s not only about great performances, we will also have a lot of fun segments. So please look forward to it,” the idol-actor added. He also said that the show’s title <UNVEIL> basically means to uncover something for the first time. And true enough, the next hours unveiled fresh and unexplored facets of Hwang Min Hyun.

After a sultry opening stage, Hwang Min Hyun performed “Honest” and “Earphone”, both songs emotional and captivating, showcasing his soulful voice. He was also impressed that PH Hwangdo knows his songs. “It’s actually my first time performing these songs from my first mini album live in Manila. So I am surprised that all the Hwangdo were singing along with me,” he said.

To lighten things up, the next segment was a guessing game aptly titled the “Unveil Timing Game”. It was also an opportunity to showcase his multi-talented side, from singing, dancing, and acting. For the first category, he had to guess the choreo of the next part of his music video for “Hidden Side”. For the singing category, he had to guess the next lines to his song “Universe”. And lastly for acting, he had to reenact the next scene from his hit Korean drama Alchemy of Souls.

“I realized that my memory is not so good after all,” he said after guessing only 2 out of 4 challenges correctly. “But I really enjoyed it. With the different categories, I was able to go back to my different projects.”


As punishment for not guessing everything correctly, Hwangdos were ecstatic to see their fave go adorable by wearing different cute headbands from angel to bunny ears, and even danced to EXO Baekhyun “Betcha” and New Jeans “Super Shy”. They were then treated to more soulful performances, as Hwang Min Hyun sang “So Beautiful” from the Webtoon After School Lessons for Unripe Apples and “Tree (Just Watching You)” from Alchemy of Souls–a testament that he has not only the face but also the voice of an angel that fits beautiful official soundtracks.

Mid-show, more things were unveiled about the ISFJ Korean star through a VCR interview. Hwang Min Hyun has the mindset of a trainee, constantly taking vocal and acting lessons for self-improvement, and keeping his body in shape by working out and controlling his diet when needed since he’s in a “visual profession”. He feels uneasy during downtime so he moves around or cleans his space, and really takes his job seriously in the hopes of being in the industry for a very long time.

“As long as I won’t give up and continue on with my career, I am confident that I will succeed at some point,” he said. “Those were the things that I imagined myself to be in to strive and work harder.”

Although he has been a go-getter for a long time, managing an erratic schedule from being both an idol and an actor, the 28-year-old said that he’s been living a fun, grateful, and happy life. And that he is thankful for the opportunity to do the things that he loves, for the people who are always waiting for him.

“I want to say thank you so much for being with me. Hwangdos always tell me how much they love me, but I have not been very expressive enough. So I want to take this opportunity to tell them I love you,” he said to his fans.

Hwang Min Hyun went back onstage in a sexy denim fit, and performed his songs “Perfect Type” and “Cube”. The mini concert’s host Kring Kim described the superstar best: “Innocent, Sexy, and Cute”.

On a sit-down segment, Hwang Min Hyun talked a bit more about his recent Kdrama My Lovely Liar, from his favorite line in the series, to seeing his character Doha grown in the storyline. Meanwhile, for his role Seo Yul in the Alchemy of Souls, he had a lot of songs and love advice for this memorable character. 


“Crazy, conveying the fresh heart of a man in love. I think I am really talented in counseling, huh? It was an enjoyable time for me, because I can sing songs while dedicating it to Hwangdo,” he said.

Before singing his final song, Hwang Min Hyun talked to his Hwangdo how happy he is to reunite with them again in Manila. He promised to put all his heart into his last song. “My dazzling universe, Hwangdo, I hope you’ll like this,” he said in a sweet voice before performing “Universe”. 

As the idol exited the stage, the crowd chanted “Encore!”. A VCR of the concert preparations and behind-the-scenes were shown on the huge screens, filling us in on how hands-on the artist was for this mini concert.

He went back onstage to perform his encore songs “Crossword” and “Smile”, and with a surprise fan project video from his PH Hwangdos in between. As the crowd chanted again “Walang uuwi!”, the idol reassured his fans that he will meet them again soon.

“Thank you so much. Because of your unending love, even if you’re far away you still continue to support me. It keeps me going, and gives me the energy to stand up whenever I don’t feel good. You are my energy,” he said before bidding his final farewell.

“Now as I go back to Korea, I have to go back to film my new drama series. I’ll really do my best, I will always remember you Hwangdo, so when it comes out please continue to support Study Group as well. My beloved Hwangdo please take care of yourself, do not get sick, and let us continue to be together forever. Thank you so much my Hwangdo for being here tonight with me. I will look forward to the time we meet again. I’ll say my farewell as well right now, it’s time for us to go. Kita muli tayo, minamahal kong Hwangdo. Mahal na mahal ko kayo. This was your only … Hwang Min Hyun, thank you!,” he added.

Fan meetings would always call for hype dance challenges or crazy antics that would turn the venue upside down, but for Hwang Min Hyun, he only brought his soulful voice, his sincere performances, and his full heart. And honestly, for every Hwangdo present in his mini concert that night, these were more than enough.


Buzzsetter extends gratitude to PULP Live World for the invite to 2023 Hwang Min Hyun <UNVEIL> Mini Concert in Manila.

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