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HYBE INSIGHT – 2022 BTS Exhibition: Proof’ in Seoul

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“2022 BTS Exhibition: Proof” allows fans to immerse themselves in a visual history of the group’s nine-year career.

Upon entering the Seoul exhibition in the Hybe Insight building, which debuted last September 28, visitors are welcomed by colossal concept portraits of seven K-pop superstars from its most recent album, “Proof.” The June release of the album closed the first chapter of the nine-year-old band’s history.

The exhibition comprises photographs and videos of the group members taken during music video filming and live performances. Some of them were being presented for the first time, but the majority had already been shown.

The exhibition also includes music video props and concert attire worn by the band members.

Fans stayed longer at certain sections of the exhibition, such as the videos filmed during the “Proof” jacket picture shoots that displayed each member in close proximity. The next corridor was also crowded with fans ad old and current dancing practice films with their faces pressed against the little screens.

The last room contains some most memorable moments of the band’s career. One side of the wall is covered with colourful photographs from the band’s international tours, ranging from 2018’s “Love Yourself” through 2022’s “Permission to Dance On Stage: Las Vegas.”

The opposite side is filled with film images of the members from 2018, some of which were shot by the artists. Perhaps the brightest thing in the room was the trophy case, lined with Guinness World Records diplomas, a plaque marking BTS‘s first Billboard Hot 100 victory, plus historic magazine covers.

There are also handwritten messages from each member greet the fans as they exit the exhibition. This is an 80-minute stroll around the exhibition would be plenty to elicit nostalgia among fans who have accompanied BTS throughout their journey.

The Seoul show continues till November 22 at Hybe Insight, an exhibition facility operated by Hybe, a multi-label company linked with Big Hit Entertainment’s record label.

BTS Proof Ticketing Details

Passes can be purchased through Interpark Ticket’s mobile app, the event’s official ticketing partner. All passes reserved via the Korean page can be validated by scanning the QR codes, whereas all passes booked via the global page can only be redeemed at the exhibition site.

Guests are required to present valid identification at the location. The acceptable forms of identification for Korean residents are a driver’s license, passport, or resident registration card, while non-residents may present a passport or alien registration card.


  • Proof in Seoul exhibition is divided into seven-time slots of 80 minutes each
  • Visitors will not be allowed to enter a designated time slot if they arrive more than thirty minutes late.
  • Everyone will also receive a Proof Card, which serves as a pass to the phenominal event.
  • You can use the photo booth at the Museum shop if you have the photo booth ticket that came with the “Proof (Collector’s Edition)” package.
  • Guests are urged to maintain social distancing and cooperate with staff when entering and exiting the exhibition hall to prevent rule violations.

More info about HYBE Insight 2022 BTS Exhibition: Proof in Seoul

  • Location: HYBE INSIGHT
  • Address: Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Hangang-daero, 42 HYBE INSIGHT
  • Admission: Nov.22, 2022
  • Operating Hours: 10:00~21:20 (20:30 Last Admission)
  • Admission AgeOver 9 years old
  • Rate: 33,000 won
  • Website:
  • (Kor): 1544-1555
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