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Iconic Filming Locations Of Alchemy Of Souls Korean Drama


Are you indeed a true K-drama enthusiast if you haven’t been captivated by Alchemy of Souls? Currently, it is the Korean drama that everyone is obsessed with! One lucky fan took his fanboying to the next level by visiting the show’s most iconic filming sites

Nelson Obrador, a Filipino residing in Korea, is an obsessive K-drama fan who frequently goes out of his way to locate the actual filming sites of his favourite Korean television programs.


The place where the door to the world where magicians live in episode 1 is installed. As the largest private garden in the country, there are many things to see and its good for families.

Gasan Supia is the most extensive private garden in Korea, at 40,000 pyeong in the area. It is a tourist spot where you may enjoy a stunning natural environment without interacting with other people.

It features amenities for children, including a life-size dinosaur model, a forest rail sledge, a water park, and caravan accommodations. It is becoming a popular tourist destination in Chilgok, where people of all ages continue to visit the Superia Art Museum, Pink Muhly Hill, and Flower Shop, among other auxiliary facilities.

If you have not seen Alchemy of Souls, you should watch it. It is a great Korean Drama and will be worth your time. You can also visit these filming locations to experience more from Korea!

Gasan Supia is open the following days:

Saturday :  10AM–6PM
Sunday :  10AM–6PM
Monday :  10AM–6PM
Tuesday :  10AM–6PM
Wednesday :  10AM–6PM
Thursday :  10AM–6PM
Friday :  10AM–6PM

The address of Gasan Supia is Gasan-myeon, 학하들안2길 105, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, KR.

Try to visit some of the filming locations of your fav K-drama to appreciate more the beauty of Korea.

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