iKON Go All in For Their TAKE OFF in Manila

ikon take off concert recap

Kpop boy group iKON is back with a bang as they brought their “TAKE OFF” concert party in Manila at the Araneta Coliseum on Saturday night, August 5, 2023. The South Korean boy band’s solo concert was a night to remember as they unloaded their considerable talent and energy.

The boys brought their A-game and showed the crowd they’re the real deal, delivering their gritty hip-hop dance tracks.

ikon take off manila concert recap

Filo iKONICS welcomed the boys and showed them how much they had been waiting for this concert by giving their unwavering energy and passionate cheers throughout the show.

Heart-Pumping Performances

The venue went wild as iKON entered the stage and said, “What’s up Manila”. They kicked off the night with the pulse-pounding beats of “Tantara” as iKONICs raised their Konbat lightsticks in perfect rhythm, transforming the arena into a dazzling spectacle of lights. The crowd’s excitement soared with the remix of “SINOSIJAK” and the band’s version of “At Ease,” setting the tone for the night. 

ikon concert recap 2023

The boys continued to hype the crowd with the vibes of “KILLING ME,” capturing the crowd’s hearts from the get-go.

iKON members Bobby, Song, DK, Ju-ne, and Chan warmly greeted their crowd. “Long time no see, guys!”. DK said, prompting cheers that echoed like thunder.


His words resonated deeply, “From Europe to Japan, we’ve journeyed far, but nothing compares to this moment in Manila! We’ve missed you all,” he beamed, evoking an eruption of cheers from the crowd.

ikon in manila 2023 concert recap

The boy group performed in the Philippines during their “Continue” solo tour in 2018 and the headliner during the “K-pop Masterz Ep. 2 in Manila.” in 2022.

iKON continued delivering hit after hit like a whirlwind. The thunderous beats of “Rhythm Ta,” the explosive energy of “Bling Bling,” the heartfelt melodies of “Love Scenario,” and the dynamic vibes of “U” swept the audience into an adrenaline-fueled dance frenzy.

Speaks Tagalog Phrases

During the ment, Bobby and Chan tried to speak Filipino phrases and whoever got the louder cheers from the audiences will win.

ikon concert manila philippines

Chan told to the crowd that Jinhwan taught him several Tagalog phrases, “Jinhwan said he is good in Tagalog. Sakit ako tiyan (My stomach hurts)” and “Sakit ako ilong (My nose hurts),”.

Bobby revealed to the Filo iKONICS that Jinhwan used to tell these phrases to his former teacher in the Philippines so that he could go home early.

ikon take off manila concert 2023

Chan touched the audiences’ heart, as he said “Philippines Manila iKONIC, ikaw lang ang nasa puso ko (Philippines Manila iKONIC, you are the only one in my heart)”.

Followed by Bobby, he said, “Hello, maganda. Gusto nyo ba mag-inom mamya? Mahal kita (Hello, beautiful. Do you want to have a drink later? I love you).” As a result, Bobby got the louder cheers from the crowd.

Fiery Solo Stages

kpop boy group ikon take off in manila

Each iKON member treated the audience to solo performances showcasing their unique strengths.

DK’s sultry rendition of “Kiss Me” oozed sensuality, while Ju-ne’s powerful vocals shone through “Want You Back.” Meanwhile, Bobby’s soulful delivery of “Heartbroken Playboy” resonated deeply, captivating hearts and souls

Bobby and Ju-ne also performed “Deep Night” together.  Lastly, Song showcased his witty side as he performed his trot song “Fighting.”

Heartfelt Interactions and Fan Tributes

ikon take off in manila concert recap

iKON, known for their catchy melodies and energetic performances, didn’t disappoint the crowd as they unleashed a parade of fan-favorites ranging from R&B to ballad, “Why Why Why,” “Goodbye Road,” “What’s Wrong,” “Dumb & Dumber,” “B-Day,” “Freedom,” and “Driving Slowly”.

“The truth is you are better at speaking Korean than me.” Bobby told the crowd. Then he wore a Philippine flag banner as cape given by the audience with words “See u again”.

ikon concert 2023

DK, known for his powerful vocals, said, “Manila is the best.” This simple yet heartfelt statement captured the group’s sentiments as they basked in the warmth and energy of their Filipino fans.

Chan made an exciting promise to the fans. “In our next world tour in Manila, I will prepare for my solo stage,” he revealed. This announcement brought cheers from the audience, especially considering that Chan is the only member who hadn’t yet showcased a solo performance during their concerts.

ikon concert manila 2023

Dk chimed in again, he expressed their admiration for their Filo iKONICs. “We have been in different countries in our world tour right now but I think this is the first country that I see that all of you are happy partying with us. That is why we changed our minds and we will be singing more songs in our encore. You are great at having a party. Thank you because you are all here for iKON. Next time we will come back with all six members,” he said.

He further shared that the overwhelming positivity from the fans led the group to extend their encore setlist, ensuring an even more unforgettable experience for the attendees.

Ju-ne, who had been waiting to return to the Philippines, conveyed his gratitude for the fans. “It’s been a while before we came back to the Philippines but thank you very much for your hot welcome for all of us. Because of you, I really enjoyed being on the stage. Mag-eenjoy ba kayo hanggang sa dulo (Are you going to enjoy until the end?).” he said.

ikon concert manila recap 2023

Song expressed his gratitude and thanked everyone who come to the show, “Thank you for welcoming all of us. We will try our very best to be with you forever,”

Chan reiterated the joy the group feels when performing for their Filipino iKONICs. “I’m really happy to see the Philippine iKONICs because you are great in having fun together with us. It’s really warming to our hearts that you have prepared so much for us.”, he expressed showcasing the deep appreciation iKON holds for their fans.

ikon manila concert 2023

“Thank you so much for coming out today. We are not the ones who make this show 100 percent. You guys are like the most important structure of this world tour,” said Bobby.

Before the show ended, iKONICs prepared a fan project for the group. The mute fan expressing love through sign language, brought emotions to the surface. “It’s really great that we are here in Manila.” DK stated.

An Extended Encore

What was slated as a two-hour show was extended by 30 minutes. iKON wrapped up the concert party with powerful renditions of “B-Day,” “Freedom” and performed again for the last time the fan favorites “Love Scenario” and “Rhythm Ta.” Fans jumped up and down for the last time.

iKON undeniably lives up to its reputation as the ultimate concert performer, pouring its utmost energy into its stage presence and delivering exceptional fan service. Filo iKONICs enthusiasm added to the impressive crowd.

Watching iKON perform live was a truly fun and unforgettable experience. We leave you with a warning: bring a lot of energy to the venue if you plan on watching them perform live, or you’ll be left out of the fun.

Buzzsetter extends gratitude to PULP Live World for the media invite to 2023 iKON World Tour Take Off in Manila. The event was covered by Jacque Colitoy and Paul Chuapoco