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The Most Instagrammable Ice Cream in South Korea

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2020 04 14 21 55 26

Nowadays, there was a massive surge of popularity over ice cream in Korea, and one of them is Bistopping. They offer tasty and instagrammable ice cream that will make your taste buds crave for more.

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Photo by bistopping

Do you know that Bistopping is a famous ice cream shop in Seoul? The concept of this store can design your own ice cream cones. As of now, Bistopping has two shops in Korea, which are Jamwo-dong and Seogyo-dong.

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Photo by bistopping


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Photo by bistopping

First, you need to choose the ice cream flavor you want. They are only three available flavors.

  • Milk 4,000 won (soft)
  • Yogurt 4,500 won (gelato)
  • Chocolate 5,000 won (soft)
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Photo by Lokoreans

Next, choose your cone design. The price of bistopping cones varies with each other.

  • Regular / Basic cone: 0 won
  • Special Bistopping Cone: 1,800 – 4, 800 won
IMG 20200414 135623
Photo by Lokoreans

Lastly, choose your toppings.

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Photo by Lokoreans

Type A – Showcase Toppings

IMG 20200418 133329
  • PRICE: 800 – 3,500 won
  • special toppings from the showcase and make your own ice cream decoration.

Type B – Set your toppings:

IMG 20200418 133356
  • PRICE: 1, 500 – 3, 500 won
  • Select from their various topping set

Adding sauce (optional)

You may also add sauce for additional fee.

  • PRICE: 1,000 won
  • Choose sauces and add on your own
  • Chocolate / Mint / Strawberry / Orange

This instagrammble ice cream is quite pricey, but it’s worth trying, right? Apart from ice cream, they also offer drinks like juices, teas, and coffee..

IMG 20200414 201702
Photo by jennkpop

Quickly take your photos and enjoy your delicious and joyful ice cream befor it melts away!

IMG 20200414 111437
Photo by bistopping

More Info about Bistopping

  • 서울특별시 마포구 서교동 401-16
  • 서울시 서초구 잠원동 29-10
  • Operating hours: 12:00 noon – 10:00 PM (close every tuesday)


Due to COVID-19 in South Korea, they are only open for delivery.