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Interesting Facts About ASTRO’s MoonBin and Sanha


Finally, ASTRO’s MoonBin and Sanha are coming back to Manila to bring Diffusion fancon tour to their Filo AROHAs this March 25 at the New Frontier Theater. It will be the first stop of the subunit after their successful two-day show in Seoul last week, and it’s going to be an exciting reunion since the boys were last here in 2016!

Moonbin & Sanha “FADE IN” version

But before that, let’s get to know more about this duo with these interesting facts!

Facts About Astro’s Moonbin

ASTRO Moon Bin is undeniably gifted, with abilities ranging from singing to songwriting to acting. He debuted with ASTRO under Fantagio’s entertainment as the group’s center, main dancer, and lead vocalist. Nevertheless, he debuted as a young model, ulzzang, and actor! From pre-debut to the present, continue reading as we discuss some of the interesting facts about ASTRO Moon Bin.

Moon Bin made his debut as a child model, ulzzang, and actor from a young age

Moon Bin (aka Puppycat), born on January 26, 1998, debuted as a child model, ulzzang, and actor at an early age. He was well-known as a child model and for his ulzzang status on the internet. In the music video for TVXQ’s Balloons, he portrayed the younger version of U-Know Yunho, which increased his popularity.

Additionally, he made his acting debut as the younger version of Kim Bum’s character in the well-known Korean drama Boys Over Flowers.

Moon Bin joined Fantagio Entertainment as a trainee in fifth grade, which led to his debut with the K-pop group ASTRO, which consists of MJ, JinJin, Cha Eunwoo, Moon Bin, Sanha and former member, Rocky.

ASTRO’s Moonbin is also a close buddy of BTS’s Jungkook

They met during ISAC through KNK’s Seungjun. We adore it when our favourite kpop stars are pals!

Instagram @moon_ko_ng​​

He would be a swimmer if he was not an idol

There are so many aspects of Moonbin that fans adore but these are just a few reasons why we are grateful that Moon Bin chose to become the actor and k-pop idol he is today and share his tremendous skills with the world.

Facts About Astro’s SanHa

Each member has their own unique charms working in their favour. Recently, SanHa the youngest member of Astro, who has been capturing the attention of fans. If he’s not already on your bias list, consider the following these reasons to include him.

Mukbang star in a past life

It is questionable whether anyone likes eating as much as SanHa, or whether such a person even exists. Every other Instagram post by SanHa is a snapshot of him consuming food. He was likely a mukbang star in a past life since he simultaneously makes everything he eats look delicious and attractive. If you had the opportunity, what meal would you prepare for SanHa?

SanHa Instagram

He would be a guitarist if he was not an idol

SanHa has revealed that he would likely be a guitarist if he were not a K-Pop idol. We can see why from the covers he occasionally posts on the ASTRO YouTube account, where he plays the guitar with ease. His comfort and concentration behind the instrument are quite admirable. Check out his rendition of IU’s “Through the Night.”

Created aegyo

He may not have invented aegyo, but he appears to have developed the adorable skill. His charming behaviours are so endearing that even his group members are occasionally confused. Together with fellow sub-unit member MoonBin and VERIVERY’s KangMin, he appeared on an episode of “Weekly Idol” to battle and demonstrated their greatest aegyo. All three performances were enthralling, but even the hosts had to acknowledge SanHa’s professional adorableness.

So don’t miss your chance to see Astro’s Moonbin and Sanha this Saturday March, 25, 2023 at the New Frontier Theater! Tickets are available via TicketNet branches and online at

This event is brought to you by DNM and In2ne Entertainment.

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  1. Nakilala ko before ang Astro because of Cha Eunwoo but I’m become interested sa group nila dah kay Moonbin kasi why not, di ba? haha Ang gwapo and hot. And of course ang cute talaga ni Sanha.


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