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8 Interesting Facts About GOT7’s JAY B

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interesting facts about JAY B of GOT7

GOT7’s JAY B is coming to Manila! Let’s look at 8 interesting facts about him

Any K-pop fan would know that the list of the most popular K-pop boy bands isn’t complete without Got7. Ahgases know that each member is charming and gorgeous in their own way. However, we’ve got to say that one of the members that continuously take the spotlight is JAY B. His charm gives us every reason to make us fall in love with him all over again.

jay b in manila 2022

Like other groups, the leader plays an essential role as the person in charge of many tasks and the group’s representative. Unlike SM Entertainment, which frequently selects the oldest member as the leader, JYP Entertainment selects the leader based on the individual’s abilities.

Facts About GOT7’s JAY B

Here, we present interesting facts about him to make you hype for his upcoming solo concert in Manila. Read on to learn why he is such a fan favorite.


His specialty is b-boying

Before becoming a famous K-pop idol, Jay B began his career as a b-boy. In middle school, he began b-boying, taking to the streets and train stations with his friends. This b-boying ability attracted him to JYP Entertainment.

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In 2009, the agency discovered this Capricorn man at a b-boy competition. He passed the open audition and won first place out of 10,000 contestants. Soon after, he became a trainee for JYPE.

He trained for 4 years before debuting

Initially, Jay B had no desire to learn how to sing. He devoted more effort to his dancing ability. But everything changed after he listened to the American singer-songwriter, D’ Angelo.

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He began not only to take singing lessons seriously but also to compose his music. The JJ Project was Jay B’s first introduction to the music industry. He collaborated with trainee Jinyoung to release the single Bounce, accompanied by a music video. During this time, his stage name is JB.

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 He first debuted as an actor on “Dream High 2”

JAY B is not only an amazing singer, writer, producer, and dancer. He is also an actor who debuted in ‘Dream High 2’ and ‘When a Man Falls in Love ‘(2013).

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Since then, JAY B has starred in several projects with fellow members, and he also participated in a web series called ‘Dream Knight. and in the 1st season of ‘The Romantic and Idol Show. He has appeared in a couple more projects where we have enjoyed his talent in front of cameras.

He has a SoundCloud account under the name “Def Soul”

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Jay B is a soul music fan and an aspiring producer; he uses his personal platform on Soundcloud under the name DEFSOUL (@def_xxx). He also collaborated with JOMALONE on some tracks. His favorite artists are Michael Jackson, India Arie, and Javier.

Jay B adores cats

facts about jay b cat person

Jay B is cat person. He has a cat named Nora (GOT7’s cat; Jackson calls her Laura) and two other cats named Kunta and Odd (rumor says more).

Jay B’s stage names

Eric Nam, the host of episode 128 of DIVE Studios’ Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam, observed that Jay B has worked on numerous projects and frequently releases them under different names.

Jay B explained that as “Jay B,” he typically releases popular music, especially songs he believes his audience will enjoy. “Def.” is precisely the opposite. When making this music, he is not concerned with impressing anyone. Instead, he composes music to express himself alone.

facts about jay b stages names

Previously, he felt he had to create a separation between himself and the music he produced, but now he feels he has greater freedom of expression. In the past, he felt constrained by limitations. Now, he believes there are no limitations at H1GHR MUSIC. Having participated in so many groups, sub-units, projects, etc., Jay B is prepared to unite all of his aspects.

Jay B has numerous hobbies

Jaebeom has numerous interests. He enjoys watching movies, taking photographs, traveling, eating outside, and collecting shoes in his spare time.

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JB also enjoys the sensation of being in nature. He would like to be able to teleport to the Grand Canyon if he had superpowers. This is why he enjoys bus travel so much. Additionally, he loves cooking, and he also likes preparing omelet rice and kimchi stew. Soondubu jjigae is his favorite food (soft spicy tofu stew).

He confesses he initially didn’t wish to be GOT7’s leader

Episode 5 of Jay B’s video series for DIVE Studio’s Mindset health and wellness app. He described the reality of being the group’s leader. Jay B began the episode by revealing that he did not want to be the leader of GOT7.

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He even requested JYP Entertainment not to appoint him. According to JAY B, he was younger at that time and it was difficult for him to accept the title ‘Leader of GOT7’ So, he repeatedly informed the agency that he was not interested in the position of leader.

The “ENCORE” singer also explained that he does not qualify for the position because he lacks the verbal communication skills required of a leader. Jay B used to be only a B-boying dancer and stated, “I’m not great with words.”

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The second reason Jay B did not want to be GOT7’s leader was that leadership comes with a great deal of responsibility, which was too much for someone so young. Jay B was only around 20 years old when the boy band debuted.

got7 jay b facts

Although Jay B initially hesitated to lead GOT7, he eventually did, and things appeared to improve as time passed. Jay B demonstrated his ability to be one of the best K-pop leaders despite his apprehensions about becoming the leader of GOT7. He has gained a deeper understanding of legal issues to properly assert GOT7’s trademarks and copyrights.

interesting facts about JAY B of GOT7

Be sure to be part of JAY B first-ever solo concert in Manila. A lot of fan perks will allow you to have a more personal interaction with him, including a meet & greet and a farewell session. Depending on what you buy, tickets may also include fantastic stuff. The good news is that regardless of the ticket you purchase, you will receive a souvenir show card to keep.

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