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Issa Rodriguez ‘Take My Time’: Teaches That One Should Never Rush Into Love




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This year, Issa Rodriguez will release a new track titled “Take My Time.” According to the singer-songwriter, she was able to write it in 2018, and it’s about wanting to be in a relationship but preferring to wait and focus on yourself first.

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Photo Courtesy: Issa Rodriquez

Issa does not subscribe to the notion that “you complete me,” as she explains, “I believe that we must be entire before committing to someone, for our benefit and theirs. She continues, “We deserve to be with people who choose to consistently improve themselves, and our partners (or future partners) are not responsible for mending broken pieces.”

During the time she penned this song, she felt like she’d had enough of “situationships” while also mending and focusing on herself.

Listen Issa Rodriguez ‘Take My Time’

Issa adds, “Love takes time, so we don’t have to rush things just to say you’re not single.”

“Therefore, I penned that song to essentially say, “Wait, let me examine my options before committing to anything.” Issa

The singer-songwriter collaborated with her song arranger, Zak Yokingco, and her keyboardist, Lex Mendoza, to create a lively and upbeat sound for “Take My Time” with a particularly dazzling horn line. Following “Silong” with Kyle Juliano, this is Issa’s first release of the year. Stream it now on your preferred streaming service.


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