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IU And Lee Jong Suk Are Dating [DISPATCH]

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dating iu lee jong suk

The media outlet Dispatch reported on December 31 that the actors’ Lee Jong Suk (33) and IU (29) spent Christmas together in Nagoya, Japan.

According to ‘Dispatch,’ the person addressed by Lee Jong Suk during his ‘Daesang’ speech at the ‘2022 MBC Drama Awards’ who was unknown but whom the actor claimed he “loved and admired very much’ was IU.

dating iu lee jong suk

Lee Jong Suk left for Osaka, Japan, on December 20 to attend his fan meetup.

The following day, on December 24, IU and her younger brother departed for Nagoya, Japan. After arriving at Nagoya’s airport, IU and her brother proceeded to the ‘Aman Nemu,’ the city’s most prestigious hotel and resort.

iu and lee jong suk 4

According to Dispatch, Lee Jong Suk organised the vacation himself, booking the resort and the pickup escort for IU and her brother without the assistance or cooperation of his management. According to an insider, Lee Jong Suk booked the hotel and escorted transportation himself.

After concluding his fan meeting in Osaka on December 23, Lee Jong Suk headed to Tokyo. On December 24, he departed for Nagoya from there. On December 26, he travelled back to Tokyo, where he boarded his return trip to Seoul on December 27. According to ‘Dispatch,’ the actor devoted seven days to planning the ideal private vacation for himself and IU, away from watchful eyes.

iu and lee jong suk

Furthermore, the insider from Lee Jong Suk’s camp claimed, “The link between the two sides is already well-known to both families. IU sang a congratulations song at the wedding of Lee Jong Suk’s sister, and Lee Jong Suk personally invited IU’s younger brother to Nagoya.”

Despite their travel itineraries, ‘Dispatch’ reported that Lee Jong Suk and IU were “unmistakably a couple” based on their matching sunglasses and bags.

iu and lee jong suk 5

Finally, the informant revealed, “The couple became exclusive around four months ago.”

Due to Lee Jong Suk’s clever planning, IU and her brother spent four nights and three days at the ‘Aman Nemu’ in Nagoya before returning to Seoul on December 27.

Lee Jong Suk could join them in secrecy for two nights and three days before travelling to Seoul via Tokyo.

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    December 31, 2022 at 3:02 pm

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    December 31, 2022 at 3:36 pm

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