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IU Drops Teaser Poster with BTS’ V for Her Comeback Single ‘Love Wins‘

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IU LOVE wins

Singer-actress IU has set the entertainment scene abuzz with an unexpected announcement hinting at a monumental return.

EDAM Entertainment unveiled a 17-second dynamic poster at the stroke of midnight on the 15th across their official social media platforms. The main poster teaser is titled “Pre-Release Single ‘Love wins.’”

The poster features IU, her gaze fixed intently against a backdrop bathed in vibrant red light. While her expression appears surprised, the characteristic melancholy in her wistful eyes, brimming with tears, immediately captivates the audience. The teaser concludes with a close-up of IU’s eyes, accompanied by the words ‘Love wins’ and the date January 24th, intensifying the sense of anticipation.

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Photo credits: EDAM Entertainment

Since the release of this teaser poster with BTS’ V , Uaenas and ARMYs, both domestically and internationally, has been abuzz with speculation and excitement.

This upcoming single holds particular significance as it marks IU’s first release since her album ‘Pieces’ on December 29, 2021, further elevating the anticipation. Renowned for delivering chart-topping hits with each album, IU has captured the hearts of audiences across generations, making the unveiling of her new song a highly anticipated event. With no prior information about her comeback, interest in the promotional activities for ‘Love wins’ is rapidly gaining momentum.