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Jade Garden: The Small Europe In The Forest In South Korea

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The theme of Jade Garden is “Small Europe in the Forest.” It is built on a 160,000-square-meter plot near the Jade Palace Golf Club. In the garden’s 24 areas, each with its theme, there are 3,000 plant species, such as rhododendrons, maple trees, irises, blueberry bushes, and thick natural forests. The arboretum takes advantage of the valley’s natural shape and offers visitors a mix of neat gardens, beautiful flowers, and buildings in the European style.

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For the convenience of visitors, Jade Garden has a visitor’s center in the style of Tuscany, where people can get a simple snack or drink and buy souvenirs. Around the arboretum, visitors can choose from three walking paths each two hours long. Aspiring gardeners can also take part in a gardening program.

Follow the old Gyeongchun elevated road to Jade Garden, a beautiful garden that looks like it was made in Europe. The 160,000 m2 (48,400 pyeong) Jade Garden opened in May 2011. It has many different kinds of plants.

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People in cities are becoming more interested in taking long walks, so HANWHA RESORTS put a lot of thought into making a more stylish and peaceful place.

There were a lot of ideas, but they all lacked something. Then, a book called “Eloge de la marche” (In Praise of Walking) by David le Breton was found in the company’s library. HANWHA RESORTS’s dream came true when it was able to share many stories through walking activities.

Jade Garden Concept

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It collects valuable plants from all over the world that can grow in the central region, makes themed gardens, teaches people about natural ecology, and becomes a preservation group to make a place where everyone can feel comfortable. Jade Garden is also working toward its goal of becoming a premium arboretum that can run on its own.

How To Get There:

Address: 80, Haetgol-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do 강원도 춘천시 남산면 햇골길 80

N/A (Open all year round)


Opening Hours: 09:00-Sunset (6PM-9:30PM) (* Last admission is 1 hour before closing)
* The hours may change depending on weather condition.


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