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Latest Episodes Japanese Anime “SYNDUALITY Noir” will Debut on Disney+ on January

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Starting January 8, SYNDUALITY Noir will return with all new episodes following its breathtaking cliffhanger.

SYNDUALITY Noir, set in the year 2242, shocked viewers with the unexpected disappearance of two of its most beloved characters Aoi Koga and Noir, later doubling down on the shock factor with the exciting introduction of a new Magus called Mystere. Despite being powerful and skilled enough to beat even Silver Storm, not much is known about this dangerous new character.

SYNDUALITY Noir Season Disney+

New episodes of SYNDUALITY Noir are scheduled to premiere on January 8, following a group of humans trapped deep underground after the ‘Tears of the New Moon’ incident. As life in their underground city collapsed, the humans were once again forced to the surface, where the Enders roamed, looking to kill any humans they found. To keep themselves and their settlements safe, groups of people created tight-knit settlements in various locations on the surface, relying on unique energy sources. As resources dwindled, a group of brave individuals known as Drifters ventured out into the open, fighting the Enders and mining energy.

On Disney+, SYNDUALITY Noir part two will be added to the ever-growing library of Japanese anime content. With Disney+, Japanese storytelling fans will have access to an array of captivating series, including: PHOENIX: EDEN17, an adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s seminal work in which viewers are taken on a dangerous extraterrestrial adventure to a world that is filled with nothing but misery.; Ishura about a chaotic world in which demigods fight for power after the Demon King dies; and Gannibal about a newly relocated cop who discovers a shocking secret about the inhabitants of his village.

Starting January 8, you can watch part one of SYNDUALITY Noir on Disney+.


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