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Heavenly Arroz A La Valenciana And Paella From JENNY COOKS!




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Despite its Spanish origins, Spanish-Filipino dishes are trendy among Filipinos. These dishes are quite popular for family gatherings, especially during Christmas. And what better way to have some home-made Filipino-Style Paella and Arroz A La Valenciana delivered straight to your doorstep by this extremely talented cook who goes by the name JENNY COOKS!


Buzzsetter were lucky to savor some Filipino-Spanish delicacies, and we happened to get the Arroz A La Valenciana and Seafood Paella. Each dish has a certain twist. We have to start with the packaging, which was delivered intact. Just to make sure that we got the same taste, we heated our delicious dishes through the microwave.

Before we start, a little bit of information about this home-made chef. Jenny’ passion is cooking especially on Sundays and on special occasions. My relatives would always say “Ay nagluto na naman si Jenny!” with joy. In other words, whenever Chef Jenny would bring her dishes during special occasions, and thus Jenny Cooks was born.


Jenny Cooks decided to sell her dishes since she received numerous requests from her relatives. Since the start of the quarantine, Jenny Cooks started to offer her Spanish-Filipino meals to everyone since its difficult to food services that offer Spanish-Filipino dishes.

We will first start with the Arroz A La Valenciana which consists of glutinous rice (malagkit), coconut milk, boiled eggs, Chorizo de Bilbao, and Chicken. The coconut taste mixed with the chorizo and chicken makes it the best combo ever! If those flavors do not make salivate, nothing will! Rate: 8/10

Seafood Paella

The Seafood Paella would be next up on the list. As the name suggests, it has a seafood twist with crabs and shrimps! The crab was quite huge along with the shrimp which the food extra delicious. This meal definitely felt like we were at home along with amazing packaging. The only difference that you can literally taste the ocean. It felt like the perfect meal for a perfect day at the beach. Rate: 10/10

Look at that crab!

Arroz A La Valenciana

  • Small: PHP 300 (1-2 pax)
  • Medium: PHP 650 (3-5 pax)
  • Large: PHP 800 (5-8 pax)


  • Small: PHP 450 (1-2pax)
  • Medium: PHP 1,200 (3-5 pax)
  • Large: PHP 1,400 (5-8 pax)
The shrimp was another also on another level!

So if you’re looking for something for that Spanish-Filipino taste, you might want to add this to your next or dinner. It definelty filled our tummies up and the best part we still had so much leftover that we had enough food for the next day!

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Updated price list

To make your orders, you may call/text: 0977 390 7430 or contact them through their Facebook fan page: jennycookshomemade

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