Make Your Camping Trip Special With Jokbal Pajeon Geuttae Geujip

K-pop and K-fashion are indeed making waves around the globe. Still, there is perhaps no more acceptable gift from South Korea than tasty food, especially samgyeopsal or samgyupsal. In Seoul, BBQ reigns supreme.

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Image source: KTO

Samgyupsal, which translates to “pig belly,” only refers to grilled pork dishes. However, many restaurants that specialize in this delectable Korean cuisine serve other types of meat in addition to the pig. Thus, samgyupsal has become associated with Seoul Korean barbecue in many locations.

One of the best things to do in Korea is to indulge in barbecue wherever and whenever possible.

Jokbal Pajeon Geuttae Geujip

Geuttae Geujip is one of the South Korean restaurants recommended by the KTO for samgyupsal. Situated in Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do. This restaurant is also an ideal place for a meeting.

The most popular menu item is the grilled black pork belly and kimchi stew. They also allowed reservations. It’s closed every Sunday while its operation hours are 17:00 – 24:00

Have you ever tried to enjoy eating samgyupsal while camping?

My Korean College friend asked this to me before. He told me that having samgyupsal while camping is a must-try especially when you’re in Korea.

In fact, there are several individuals whose preferred retreat is camping, whether in the countryside or on an empty rooftop in the centre of the city. Camping allows you to relax away from the city while enjoying grilled pig belly and kimchi stew!



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