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Interesting Facts About The Members Of NCT 127

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NCT 127 interesting facts

It’s Kpop trivia time! Here are some exciting and fun facts about NCT 127

With NCT 127, it’s not surprising that many people have discovered this multitalented K-Pop group. Neo Culture Technology, which NCT stands for, is not just three words thrown together. It is a big idea from SM Entertainment, the biggest record label in South Korea. Their goal is to make K-pop more popular worldwide by putting together groups from different places.

NCT 127 interesting facts

Fans of NCT are called NCTzens (say “N-citizens”), and the color of their fandom is green. The members often call them “Seasonies” out of love.

“Seasony is a way for us to say that our fans are as important to us as the four seasons”

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There’s a lot to learn about each member of NCT 127, and while we can’t possibly list everything we know about them here, this list should provide you with some exciting and fun facts about them all! This list may inform old and new fans and even help you choose a bias or find a bias wrecker!.

List of interesting facts about NCT 127 members:

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July 1 is ‘Taeyong Day’ or NCT leader Lee Taeyong’s birthday. He is a skilled rapper, leader, and idol. As the group’s leader, he’s hard to miss during NCT performances. Taeyong is NCT’s mom. He has leadership responsibilities, yet he fulfils them and goes above them. Cooks cleans, and checks on injured members. During holiday parties, Taeyong always take care of his members.

nct 127 taeyong in manila

Taeyong is a cleanliness fanatic with a slight mysophobia (fear of germs), so he’s always cleaning up after his members or enjoying it. He was so infatuated with Febreze during “SMRookies” that his fans called him “Taebreze.” His frigid stage presence is misinterpreted as unpleasant or arrogant. As a lead rapper and dancer, he has that look, but off stage, he’s soft-hearted and gentle.

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He’s the most forgetful member and always loses things. Even though he cares for the members, he forgets his things often. Members pack some stuff for him while travelling, just in case. He draws and creates art on his garments as a fashion statement. The group considers him a fashionista.


Jung Jae Hyun’s stage name is Jaehyun. Jaehyun’s legal name, however, is Jung Yoon Oh. His grandma changed his name in middle school. Since “Hyun” has no Hanja character, the idol had no Hanja name.

nct 127Jaehyun in manila

Jaehyun has the highest alcohol tolerance among NCT members. On “O’Clocl Escape Cultwo Show,” NCT was asked who is the best drinker. Jaehyun drank three bottles of soju. He admitted he’s a terrible liar. In 2018, the idol said he couldn’t hide his emotions on “Hello Counselor.” Even when he attempts to deceive, his ears turn crimson


Jungwoo was born and raised in Sanbon until the age of four. His childhood ambitions included becoming a football player, an active performer, and a chef. Now he wishes to travel the globe.

Since 2014, he has been an SM Trainee. He trained for nearly three years after joining SM’s weekly audition. On April 18, 2017, he was introduced as a new member of the SMRookies. It was revealed on January 30, 2018, that he would debut with NCT.

nct 127 jungwoo in manila 1

Before his debut, he appeared in the “Paper Umbrella” music video by Yesung (Super Junior). Some of his fans knew who he was before he joined the SMRookies because he was frequently seen with NCT members at their concerts as SMRookies while wearing a mask.

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As a private trainee, he hurried to the bus stop to get to the SM practice room as soon as school left, but he told his buddies he was going to cooking school. Kuhn, Lucas, and himself, boyhood pals of SM Rookies, were known as the “Lucky Three.” They have been practising together for quite some time.


Moon Taeil is an SM Entertainment-signed South Korean singer. He is a member of the boy band NCT and a permanent member of its subunit NCT 127, where he serves as the senior member and lead vocalist.

nct 127 taeil in manila

In 2013, talent scouts from SM Entertainment found Taeil during the Youth Singing Contest. At that time, he was accepted into Hanyang University’s Music Department. Initially, he chose to pursue his education but ultimately desired to become a singer.

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In the same year, he was officially presented as a member of the SM Rookies team. He attracted attention with his powerful singing and appealing appearance. After three years of preparation, Taeil debuted in April 2016 as a vocalist for NCT U. Three months later, and he debuted as the lead vocalist of NCT 127.


As one of the primary vocalists in NCT U and NCT 127, Doyoung’s beautiful voice is well-known. He is also popular for his doll-like appearance and beauty! Doyoung’s parents and older brother, the actor Gong Myung, are all very active and athletic! His father was a professional weightlifter while his mother was an experienced runner, both of which are pretty demanding and amazing careers! Doyoung, unlike his parents and siblings, was never interested in athletics.

nct 127 doyoung in manila

He was elected class president at nine due to his maturity and honesty as a child. Even when he was 7 or 8, he could have constructive fights with his uncle due to his exceptional arguing skills. Because of this skill, his mother truly wanted him to become an attorney. However, Doyoung has always desired a career as a singer. Due to his many admirable qualities and abilities, Doyoung never lacked schoolmates.

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In high school, he was vice president of his class and was well known for his singing. In reality, he was in the school band Heart Track and earned first place in a vocal ensemble competition!

In contrast to other idols discovered by luck or through the audition process, Doyoung was found by his diligence and perseverance. He aspired to be a professional singer. Therefore he sang at numerous local festivals and gatherings. Finally, in 2013, when he participated in the Gyeonggi Youth Arts Festival, a representative from SM Entertainment approached him, and he was allowed to join as an intern.

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Doyoung told his pals that he was planning to drop out of school when he joined SM Entertainment, but he claimed that it was because he was travelling abroad, not because he was joining the firm. His pals were astonished when they saw him in a film regarding SM Entertainment’s trainees.


Johnny is a foreign member of NCT 127’s subgroup. In September 2007, Johnny was cast by SM Entertainment through the SM Global Auditions in Chicago. He performed a hymn during his audition. Since then, he has become one of SM Entertainment’s foreign trainees.

nct 127 johnny in manila

In 2013, Johnny was introduced to the public as an SM Rookies trainee. Since August 2015, he has been in regularly scheduled performances at the SM TOWN Theatre at Coex Artium every other Saturday. In addition to rapping, he can dance and play the piano quite well.

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Johnny made his debut as an official member of NCT 127 on January 6, 2017, with the release of the mini-album NCT #127 Limitless.


Yuta (full name Nakamoto Yuta), was born in Kadoma, Osaka, on October 26, 1995 (making him a Scorpio). His hometown is the land of takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and other delicious Japanese street foods. He is known as the lead dancer, vocalist, and rapper of NCT 127.

nct 127 yuta in manila

Growing up, Yuta desired to become a professional football player instead of an idol and played football from 5 to 16. While he enjoyed playing the game with his peers and friends, he pursued a career as a South Korean K-Pop idol. Yuta began his idol career in 2011 after watching TVXQ while in a bookshop and applying for many auditions to become a singer despite having no singing or dancing experience.

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In the same year, he participated in a K-Pop audition program called “Juice Winter Collection,” The following year, he entered SM’s first Global Audition. He was one of three individuals out of 10,000 who passed the international audition and advanced to the next round. He was presented as a member of SM Rookies, a pre-debut team under SM Entertainment, in December 2013 after three years and three months of training.

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Regarding childhood influences and role models, Yuta looked up to his father since he was a dedicated family guy who worked endlessly to care for the family. Yuta states in an interview, “I would consider it a success if I turned out like my father.” In addition, he said that he had acquired other positive habits from his father, such as going to bed and rising early!


Mark (full name Mark Lee/Lee Minhyung), was born in Toronto, Canada, on August 2, 1999, is the main rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist of NCT 127. Mark’s family includes an older brother, who, oddly enough, was the one who wanted to audition for SM Entertainment, and Mark accompanied him to the audition. His older brother failed the audition, while Mark naturally passed!

nct 127 mark in manila

Mark spent four years as a trainee at SM Entertainment before making his debut, and when he was younger, he aspired to be a writer or an ice cream man! The song “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson inspired him to become an idol, he has lived in four locations (Toronto, Vancouver, New York, and Seoul), and his ideal type is “someone with long black hair”.

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His actual name is Lee Dong Hyuck, yet he promotes under the stage name Haechan. Before debuting with NCT, Haechan was announced as a member of SM Rookies under his given name. SM Entertainment’s founder, Lee Soo Man, chose Haechan’s stage name. “Hae” translates to “sun” and “Chan” to “full,” so his stage name means “Full Sun.” His given name means “to shine brightly and erectly.”

Haechan named kimchi stew his preferred dish. He claims to have a giant appetite among the NCT 127 members during an appearance on a radio program. Haechan also states that although he does not consume much food, he does so in a delicious manner.

nct 127 haechan in manila

Mark confirmed this, saying that Haechan finished the same meal because he liked its flavour. Mark also disclosed that Haechan is a skilled cook. Haechan also enjoys samgyeopsal, which is fried pork belly, and buckwheat noodles. However, he does not like seaweed.

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Haechan joined SM Entertainment after passing the organization’s controversial “Saturday Auditions.” These auditions are performed every Saturday and are notoriously difficult to pass, with only a handful of the company’s artists passing through.

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At his 2013 audition, he was instructed to sing. Initially, he lacked anxiety since he believed he had nothing to lose. However, he began to feel apprehensive when he was told to stay while the other applicants were sent away. For his audition, he performed “Hello” by Huh Gak to demonstrate his lower register and “Ugly Duckling” by Son Seung Yeon to demonstrate his higher register. He also requested to dance; he executed a series of steps. Although he was confident then, he later admitted that it was humiliating and could not even be considered freestyle.

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With his mother’s support, he joined SM Entertainment through their weekly auditions, where he performed “Hello” by Huh Gak. It is reported that he is the member with the prettiest personality, that SHINee’s “Replay” inspired him to become an idol, and that his ideal type is “someone with good vocals, an easy-to-listen-to voice, and short hair”.

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