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Man Cracks KFC Secret Recipe




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Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC has the world’s best chicken but their secret recipe remains a totally guarded secret. There are countless people who have tried to recreate the famous KFC chicken and many have failed. However, a man claims to have broken the KFC code with many users saying that they couldn’t tell the difference.

kfcsecretrecipe buzzsetter
© Twitter/ Dan Fell The chicken looks almost close to the original KFC chicken

After 18 months of trying, Dan Fell claims to have broken the code.

Taking to Twitter, the music composer shared photos of his homemade KFC, writing it “took me 18 months but I replicated it”. 

Many users have said that they couldn’t spot the difference. Twitter users took to the replies to thank Fell for his service to all those missing KFC in this difficult time. 

“Not the hero we deserved… but the hero we needed. Thank you,” wrote one person, 

“Dan, I love you,” wrote another. 


He has revealed the KFC recipe so that everyone can see for themselves if it’s the real deal.. Try it out and let us know if it tastes almost like the real KFC chicken.

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© Twitter/ Dan Fell Try to make your own KFC chicken and let us know the results!


  • Five cups of plain flour
  • Half a tablespoon of oregano & thyme
  • One tablespoon of brown ginger
  • Two tablespoons of garlic powder
  • One tablespoon of mustard powder
  • One tablespoon of celery salt
  • One tablespoon of black pepper
  • One-third of a tablespoon of sea salt
  • Two tablespoons of white pepper
  • Four tablespoons of paprika
  • Chicken 


  1. Add the flour to the herbs and spices. Then use three parts flour to one part self-raising flour.
  2. Season the chicken in a mix when at room temperature.
  3. Egg wash your chicken using egg white and milk. Then re-season in the mix.
  4. Fry the chicken for five to six minutes at 160C to 165C before placing it in a pre-heated 80C oven – then give it a final 90-second fry prior to serving. 

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