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B.I returns with unwavering energy at “HYPE UP” in Manila 




bi hype up tour concert manila recap 2024

Singer-songwriter Kim Hanbin also known as B.I is back for his solo concert “HYPE UP” in Manila on Sunday, June 9 at the SM North EDSA Skydome. While this is his second time visiting the country in a span of three months, Hanbin proves he brought his A-game to the concert, allowing fans to witness more than 40 songs!

B.I HYPE UP in Manila concert 6
Photo credits: Three Angles Production

Rainbow-colored-light BinBongs are quickly filling up the dome while IDs are vibing with Padi who mix tunes that never fail to thrill the crowd. 

Once the BEAT drops, you know it is the start of a good time as a thrilling VCR shows on the screen. With roaring cheers from fans, the South Korean artist B.I welcomes the crowd with electrifying beats of “MICHAELANGELO,” “Alive,” “ONE AND ONLY (DOTDAE),” and “WATERFALL.”

More Performances

B.I set the energy high with “Illa illa,” “Loved,” “Numb,” “4 Letters (feat. James Reid),” “BTBT,” “Keep me up,” “Got It Like That,” “Remember me,” and  “Dare to Love/”.

He also shares the stage with label mate LEO with their collab “Pretty Plzzz.” LEO also performs his solo stage with “Come Closer” and “Farewell.”

After high energy stages, Hanbin returns with “Tasty” “TO DIE” “TTM” “Flame” “Lover” and Killing Verse Freestyle, “Born Hater” and Smoke.” He also roamed around the dome to interact and take photos with fans during “Nineteen,”  “All Shook Up,” “The Island of Misfit Toys” and “Die for Love.”

The E in Encore is Endless

Skydome was filled with colorful and star-shaped confetti, a project of Hanbin’s fanbase in Manila during the encore of “COSMOS.” It is followed by “RE-BIRTH.”

This setlist still gives us chills because of the sequence in which the songs “Tasty,” “BTBT,” “Illusion,” “ONE AND ONLY (DOTDAE),” “BE I,” “MICHAELANGELO,” “TTM,” and “ALONE” give the crowd greater energy. 

Two lucky fans were invited on stage to perform “SMOKE” challenge, truly a fun party and an experience for PH IDs. 

In addition, let’s tune in for more releases of BI’s discography as he shared a snippet of unreleased tracks such as “FEEL GOOD” and a song he is working on with LEO.


The three-hour concert ended with “S.O.S,” “Endless Summer,” “Middle with you,” “Farewell,” “IDOL,” “Black Velvet (Demo),” “Beautiful Life” and the crowd’s favorite “COSMOS.” Kim Hanbin also gave away his black shirt to the crowd.

There is no limit with B.I and IDs with having a good time and “HYPE UP” in Manila.

Buzzsetter extends gratitude to Three Angles Production for the invite to B.I 2024 Tour “Hype Up” in Manila. The event was covered by Jacquelou Colitoy & Kyla Carino

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