Kim Jaejoong Talks About His Career & Future Plans at the Press Conference in Manila

kim jaejoong press conference in manila

South Korean singer-songwriter, actor & director Kim Jaejoong held a press conference prior to his ‘Asia Tour J Concert in Manila” at the MOA Arena.

A day before the concert, Jaejoong warmly greeted the media and expressed his happiness to be back. “I just arrived this morning. Thank you for coming to the interview. It’s been awhile since I am back to the Philippines. It’s actually famous for raining a lot so it’s actually raining so its feels like welcoming me back here.”, he said through an interpreter.

kim jaejoong in manila press con
Photo by Jacquelou Colitoy during Kim Jaejoong Manila Press Conference

The Long-Awaited Return to Manila

Kim Jaejoong expressed his deep desire to return to the Philippines. He revealed that he had encountered some obstacles in the past that prevented him from visiting earlier, saying, “I really wanted to come to the Philippines a long time ago, but I had some problems. Since the Filipino fans really wanted me to come here, maybe it could be a privilege to come here.”

The sincerity in his words resonated with the press, who erupted into cheers at his heartfelt response. The singer expressed that he is grateful for his Filipino fans for their unwavering support and patience, acknowledging that he was sorry for not being able to come back sooner. “I am thankful for the Filipino fans for waiting for me, and I am actually really sad as well because I didn’t come here as fast as I wanted to,” Jaejoong humbly admitted.

A Special Connection with Filipino Fans

When asked what makes his Filipino fans special, the singer-actor conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to his Filipino fanbase, acknowledging their efforts in staying connected with him through various channels like social media and handwritten letters. Jaejoong said, “For the Filipino fans, I also communicating with them using SNS and thru letters. I am actually happy for that part.”,

kim jaejoong inkode press conference in manila
Photo by Jacquelou Colitoy during Kim Jaejoong Manila Press Conference

He mentioned that he cherishes the communication and promised to make an effort to stay longer during his next visit to meet more fans. “I actually really wanted to come here for a longer time, but I wasn’t able to do that way. Maybe next time if I comes back, I could stay longer for a while so that I could meet more fans as well.

Concert Preparation and Excitement

With regards to his preparations for the concert in Manila, Jaejoong admitted to feeling nervous due to the considerable time since his last tour. “It’s been actually a long time since my last concert in Macau. So I actually kind of nervous right now”, he said.

However, Jaejoong believed that this nervousness would help him break free from the past and deliver an unforgettable performance. “But with this nervousness I could have more loose ends from the past.”

Jaejoong’s New Endeavor – iNKODE

K-pop icon Kim Jaejoong addressed questions about his latest venture, iNKODE, a new entertainment label he recently established after leaving C-JeS Entertainment. The agency garnered a lot of attention as it was co-founded by Noh Hyun Tae, former vice president of Cube Entertainment.

Jaejoong’s Motivation Behind Establishing iNKODE

When asked about his motivation behind establishing his own label.

His decision to establish iNKODE came from a desire to change and grow as an artist. Jaejoong explained that he was driven by the desire to share his 20-years experience with new and aspiring artists. “Thank you so first, I wanted to change myself and grow more than that and it could be a new start for me as well.

Jaejoong wanted to support them thru his knowledge and skills he has acquired throughout his journey. He added, “Since I could share my 20 yrs of experience to those great artists. I can support as much as I could because of my great experiences. I’d like to include new artist.”

iNKODE’s Goals

In response on a question about what to expect, kind of talent or project for his label, iNKODE. He responded that his new company has the same module as the previous companies.

Jaejoong emphasized that his goal was to create a supportive environment for aspiring artists to pursue their dreams. “Looking for people dreams and helping them reach out. Finding out people able to debut with their own dreams and maybe also have good environment as well because people starting to go to my company it’ll be actually as new debut people and I would also implement for each of them.” he said.

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Photo by Jacquelou Colitoy during Kim Jaejoong Manila Press Conference

While the iNKODE’s upcoming projects remain confidential, fans and industry enthusiasts alike are eager to witness the label’s impact on the entertainment landscape. With Kim Jaejoong at the helm, iNKODE’s dedication to fostering dreams and empowering artists is sure to leave a lasting mark on the industry.

He acknowledged that not many artists take the path of starting their own companies, but his extensive journey in the industry had given him valuable insights and confidence in building his venture. “There aren’t actually a lot of artists who actually make their own company so there’ll be only few people except me since I have a lot of experiences, it’s actually a good since I have experiences on what’s going on what people would be better i know than that.”, Jaejoong said.

Throughout his journey, Jaejoong has been recognized for his outstanding accomplishments as a singer, songwriter, actor and businessmen. Having experienced the ups and downs of the entertainment industry firsthand, he aims to guide and mentor new talents, equipping them with the skills they need to navigate the challenges that lies ahead.

Auditions Begin

Jaejoong’s decision to venture into establishing his label is proved to his entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to fostering the next generation of artists. As an artist-owned company, iNKODE has the potential to offer a great opportunity that can benefit to the young ones with talents.

kim jaejoong in manila press con
Photo by Jacquelou Colitoy during Kim Jaejoong Manila Press Conference

The singer-songwriter also aware that there’s a lot of Filipino people that has potential, he stated, “I also knows that there are a lot of Filipino people with potential so I am looking forward for the audition and would find people who will achieve their dream as well.” The auditions for Jaejoong new entertainment company iNKODE happened after the press conference where he hopes he can find one to join their label.

Embracing the Challenges

The veteran idol is also among those who faced a tough path to success. Kim Jaejoong is currently active as a soloist. He shared that establishing his own label comes with set of challenges, just like any other company in the entertainment industry.

According to him, one of the major hurdles is looking for a competent and dedicated staff. “Anyone would have challenges when you start a company, iNKODE there’s not actually a lot of challenges yet, but one of the problem most of the company deals is having a good staff and its one of the things that I’m really thankful for.” he said as he expressed his gratitude for having a team.

Jaejoong added, “One thing I could mention for the challenges is that I couldn’t actually find a Filipino artist here yet. So he’s really looking forward for the audition.”

iNKODE represents more than just a business venture for Jaejoong; it embodies his artistic growth and a sincere dedication to giving back to the industry that molded him. As the auditions begin, the spotlight is now on the label’s journey, as it seeks to discover and nurture exceptional talents, shaping a bright future for both iNKODE and the artists it will represent.

Future Plans

When questioned about his singing or acting projects to share after his Asia Tour. Jae-Joong shared that he’s expecting to be busier now. He stated, “I’m actually so busy right with all my schedules. Actually, I’m expecting to be more busier since I’m actually preparing for my new album also acting project as well and the next half of the year since its my 20th year of debut.”

Message to his PH Boss Babies

Before bidding goodbye to the media representatives, Jaejoong extended his heartfelt appreciation to his fans who have eagerly awaited the opportunity to witness his live performances.

“I am so sorry because it seems a little too late for coming back here to the Philippines. Since I came late, I’ll be reach out with my fans and enjoy the concert as well maybe for the next time even though it wouldn’t be in manila or somewhere anywhere in the Philippines when I comes back, I wish to stay here a longer. and since tomorrow is the most important day. I prepare one and rest a lot to have a best conditioning for the concert.” Jaejoon stated.

Buzzsetter extends gratitude to Neuwave Entertainment & Productions and iNKODE for the media press conference invite to Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour ‘J’ Concert in Manila.