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8 Jaejoong Songs to Get You Hype Before his ‘J’ Concert in Manila

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kim jaejoong asia tour concert setlist

Calling all K-Pop enthusiasts and PH Boss Babies, get ready to witness the OG Visual of Kpop Kim Jaejoong as he gears up for his first-ever solo concert in Manila.

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From heart-rending ballads to heart-pounding rock anthems, Jaejoong’s Manila concert is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of history. Prepare to dance, sing, and cheer your heart out as Jaejoong is about to take Manila by storm!

kim jaejoong asia tour concert setlist
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Welcome to My Wild World

Picture this: The lights dim, the stage comes to life, and there he is—Jaejoong himself—welcoming you to his wild world with a burst of energy that sets the entire arena abuzz! From the very first note, you’ll be transported into a realm of musical enchantment that’s bound to leave you breathless and ready for an unforgettable night.

Tender Love – A Heartfelt Serenade

Prepare to be serenaded with Jaejoong’s velvety vocals as he delivers “Tender Love.” With every note, he’ll weave a cocoon of emotions around you, creating an intimate atmosphere that will make you feel like he’s singing directly to you. It’s a moment of connection and emotion that will resonate long after the concert lights dim.

Secret – A Dance-Party in the Making

Hold onto your lightsticks, because “Secret” is about to ignite the dance floor! Jaejoong’s charisma will be on full display as he invites you to let loose, sing along, and dance like nobody’s watching. The infectious beats and catchy melody are a recipe for a K-Pop party you’ll be reminiscing about for years to come.

9+1# – Unleash Your Inner Rock Star

Get ready to rock out like never before! “9+1#” is a thrilling explosion of rock-infused energy that will have you headbanging, fist-pumping, and feeling the adrenaline rush through your veins. Jaejoong’s dynamic stage presence will compel you to unleash your inner rock star and create an electrifying atmosphere that’s nothing short of euphoric.

Mine – An Anthem of Jaejoong’s Artistry

The stage will sizzle with intensity as Jaejoong belts out “Mine,” an anthem that encapsulates his journey as an artist. With fiery passion and a voice that resonates with power, he’ll command the spotlight and leave you awe-struck by his sheer musical prowess.


Nobody Like You – A Sea of Light and Emotion

As the enchanting melody of “Nobody Like You” fills the air, the arena will transform into a sea of waving lightsticks. Jaejoong’s heartfelt vocals will tug at your heartstrings, creating a shared moment of emotional connection with everyone in attendance. It’s a collective experience that will leave you feeling connected to fellow fans in a profound way.

Walking in the Water

Amidst the excitement, get ready for a moment of introspection with “Walking in the Water.” Jaejoong’s emotive delivery will draw you into the depths of the song’s emotion, allowing you to reflect on your own journey while basking in the warmth of his musical embrace.

I’ll Protect You

“I’ll Protect You,” is a song from Korean Drama Protect the Boss which exudes reassurance and unity. This heartwarming finale will envelop the audience in a sense of togetherness, leaving you inspired and uplifted.

‘J’ Concert in Manila

Catch him live on his first-ever solo concert. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of history in the making.