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Kim Min Gue’s First Fan Meeting in Manila was a Heavenly Moment for his Fans


Korean drama actor Kim Mingue held a special fan meeting for his Filipino fans last April 15, 2023 at the New Frontier Theater, Cubao. Manila is his first stop in Asia for this fan meeting.

Called the Heavenly Moment, the actor opened the stage by singing an OST from one of his hit Kdramas Business Proposal titled Love, Maybe. The fans went wild and cheered loudly as Kim Mingue serenaded them with his heavenly vocals.

Kim Min Gue 1st fan meeting in Manila | Photo by Jacquelou Colitoy

“First of all, I am very thankful that you made it tonight,” the 28-year-old actor also said during his interview with the event’s host Filipino actor Giselle Sanchez. Kim Mingue also said that it was not his first time in the Philippines, but it’s his first time holding a fan meeting here. The fans were ecstatic that he included Manila as one of his stops. While warming up the program, the host teased the audience by saying, “Ang gwapo nya sa pang malapitan a.. Promise!” (He is really good looking upclose, promise!).

Daily Moments with Kim Mingue

After the short introduction, the actor and host sat on comfortable couches to get even more up close and personal for the next segment called “Daily Moment”, where the audience got a glimpse of Kim Mingue’s everyday, mundane happenings through photos.

The never before seen pictures flashed on the LED screens were all taken by the actor himself. Some of the photos shown were of a coffee shop and a parking lot, which were some of the shooting locations for the 2017 slice-of-life Kdrama Because This Is My First Life where he played a supporting role.

Kim Min Gue 1st fan meeting in Manila | Photo by Jacquelou Colitoy

He also shared a photo of a beach during sunset, his POV as soon as he opened his eyes in the morning, a picture of his 9-year-old cat Sian, and his PlayStation 5–because he loves playing video games. The actor said he loves to take photos not to focus on the objects in it, but to remember the mood or feeling when he was taking the pictures.

“Tonight I get to meet my fans, so I am happier than usual,” the sweet actor said.

Mingue’s Drama Moment

On his first drama ever, Kim Mingue said that he remembered how nervous he was during the first shooting days. But he really worked hard and did his best.

So for the next segment called “Drama Moment”, he reenacted some of his iconic Korean drama scenes from Business Proposal and Heavenly Idol with some of his lucky fans. They were the chosen winners by VIU Philippines and Rise Media from lots of entries posted on Tiktok.

School Idol Test

Another fun segment on this heavenly night was “School Idol Test”, a nod to his role in The Heavenly Idol. His first class was “Ending Fairy Pose”, where Kim Mingue showed three poses to the delight of the audience. “It’s really hard to do the ending fairy pose,” said the actor, who is shy in real life, but willingly accommodates his fans’ requests. He also gave more heart poses in the second class called the “Fan Service”.

For the last class called “Global Language Filipino Words”, Kim Mingue learned basic Filipino words such as “Mabuhay!”, “Ako si Kim Mingue”, “Maraming Salamat”, and the crowd favorite “Pogi ba ako?”. Everyone in the audience found the celeb very endearing and game. Lastly, he also learned how to say “Masaya akong makasama kayo”, or I am happy to be with you all.

A break from the games, they showed a VTR of Kim Mingue on his way to his schedules. He was inside a van, and was asked several questions. The actor said that he sleeps a lot whenever he is on his way to a schedule. On his current playlist are Maktub’s songs such as The Eternal Moment and Full Bloom, which he liked because of the melody and lyrics.

Mingue’s Game and TMI OX Quiz

The actor entered back to the stage with more fan interactions and games for his fans. In “Mingue’s Game”, the contestants played with the actor on stage, beating him to a staring game, limbo rock, and cup stacking game. The winners received caps with the actor’s signature as their prizes.

In another contest called the “TMI OX Quiz”, everyone in the audience was able to play the trivia quiz! It was a nerve wracking elimination game amongst the whole New Frontier Theater, where the solo winner got a signed polaroid from Kim Mingue himself.

Mingue’s Custom and Cue Can Do It!

After the fun and games, “Mingue’s Custom” was a more chill segment where the actor made a keyring on the spot, which he gave to a random fan. He said that he loves making puzzles, building Legos, and things that involve working with his hands. “The fans already gave me a lot of legos, so I am busy finishing them”. He picked the audience closest to seat number 12-25 as the winner, which is also the date of his birthday!

As if the night already ended there, but Kim Mingue was ready to play more games to his fans’ delight! He had to accomplish three tasks in only a minute, including Bottle Flip, Mini Punch Game, and Bouncing The Ping Pong Ball.

He lost, and changed into an adorable dinosaur suit as his “punishment”. While changing to the costume, host Giselle Sanchez said to the waiting crowd that, “The way he talks to you, it’s the same backstage. He is really, really nice.” It felt nice to support such a beautiful person, inside and out!

Heavenly Moments

As the night was about to end, they played the fan project as fans held up their banners for the actor. “I was actually getting teary eyed, but as the video continued, I actually enjoyed it,” Kim Mingue said, almost close to tears. “I am grateful that through fan meetings, we can make wonderful memories. I am very thankful, I will make sure that these cheers you are giving me–I will use these as fuel to motivate me with all the other projects that I will be taking,” he added.

The night ended with a final song Suddenly, an OST from The Heavenly Idol.

Mingue said, “I hope that, like the title of this fan meeting, I hope you all had a heavenly moment with me. And as an actor, l always try my best to give my fans a heartwarming moment, but in reality, my fans give it more to me. So I am thankful. I promise that in the future I will work hard on my projects, so that someday I can return back to the Philippines. Mahal ko kayong lahat! Salamat!

Maraming salamat din to our actor Kim Mingue for giving your Filipino fans a Heavenly Moment to remember for a long time.

Buzzsetter extends gratitude to Rise Media Philippines for the invite to Heavenly Moment Kim Min Gue 1st Fanmeet in Manila.

Ana Gonzales
Ana Gonzales
Ana Gonzales is a Travel and Hallyu content creator. She visits Korea frequently to visit different regions of Korea and fangirls over her favourite groups - Astro and BTS. Learn travel and fangirling tips from an expert!


  1. Oh my, ang gwapo talaga tapos iyong dimples, nakakainlove. Salamat po sa pagshare ng mag pictures and videos sa fanmeet na ito. Hindi man nakapunta, pero dahil sa mga pictures, videos at sa blog na ito ay feeling ko present ako nung fanmeet niya. Thanks again.

  2. He’s so cute at pogi ❤️
    Nakakilig talaga kapag na meet ito In personal🫶🏻🫶🏻
    Napakamemorable ito sa inyo at sa lahat ng nanonood sa kanyang First fan meeting here


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