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Who’s Kim Min Gue And Where We’ve Seen Him Before


South Korean Actor Kim Min Gue’s fame has been consistent over the years, beginning in 2013 with a small cameo role and progressing to starring in major films as a main cast member. He captured the hearts of K-drama fans in both South Korea and the Philippines.

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Given his ability to make us swoon with his dimples and heart-melting gaze, Kim Min Gue is significantly more than meets the eye. While he’s known for his talent of convincingly bringing his characters to life, his acting skills have hooked the fans on him.

About Kim Min Gue

The heavenly idol Kim Min Gue was born on December 25, 1994. He loves hitting the gym, playing video games, watching films and playing with his cats. Additionally, Min Gue is also a good swimmer where he trained for 10 yrs when he was still a kid.

He was also an idol trainee who trained alongside members of the Korean boyband SEVENTEEN. Min Gue admitted that he quit being a K-pop trainee because he didn’t believe he was a particularly good singer or dancer. His performance on Season 4 of I Can See Your Voice went viral, where he released OST singles “Drawing Paper” and “Answer”.

During his interview with Showbiz Korea, he revealed that after watching The Lord Of The Rings when he was in elementary, Min Gue desired to become an actor. Additionally, he emphasized that he intends to take on various challenging roles that will enhance his acting skills.

K-Dramas Featuring Kim Min Gue

If you’re looking for a new K-Drama to watch, we’ve got you covered. Below we’ve listed the K-Dramas where you can catch more of Kim Min Gue’s charm

The Heavenly Idol

His first leading role this year, which is the tvN fantasy drama “The Heavenly Idol” is based on a popular webtoon and web novel. Kim Min Gue plays a high priest from another world who exchanges bodies with the main rapper of an unsuccessful idol group Wild Animal.

Previously, Woo Yeon Woo captivated audiences with his impressive vocals on a music competition program, and he also charmed the female contestants of a dating battle variety show with his charming personality. He receives an opportunity to model for an advertisement as his fame grows with each passing day.

Business Proposal

The story begins with a blind date between Kang Tae-mu, a successful CEO, and Shin Ha-ri, his disguised employee. However, Tae-mu is unaware that Ha-ri works for him and that she replaced her friend Jin Young-seo on the date.

This unfortunate arrangement causes a flurry of romantic troubles. Min Gue portrays Cha Sung-hoon, Tae-loyal mu’s and dependable secretary, amid his complicated affairs. Sung-hoon soon becomes entangled in matters of chance when he encounters Young-seo in a series of heart-pounding encounters.


This 1987 K-drama is melodramatic and politically charged; It is about a college student named Eun Young-ro who falls in love with a North Korean secret agent named Lim Soo-ho. As the truth about Soo-identity ho’s emerges, they are soon put to the test by an unfortunate turn of events that puts their relationship to the test.

Because This is My First Life

Korean Drama ‘Because This is My First Life‘ is a classic romantic comedy-drama that features a fake marriage. Nam Se-hee, an awkward and cold IT employee, and Yoon Ji-ho, a homeless screenwriter, marry for financial convenience alone.

When he enters the picture, Se-Hee becomes envious of Ji-attractive Ho’s coworker at her part-time job, Yeon Bok-nam (Min Gue). Se-hee also believes that Bok-Nam is a stalker, but we have a spoiler for you: he’s not!

Backstreet Rookie

This 24-hour convenience store-based Korean romantic comedy-drama is entertaining and intriguing. Jung Saet-byul is looking for a part-time job near Cho Dae-Hyun, the store’s owner. Saet Byul and Dae- Hyun spend much time together at work, but their personalities frequently clash.

Despite this, their arguments only highlight how much they care for one another. In this drama, Min Gue portrays Saet-Byul’s former classmate-turned-celebrity crush Kang Ji-Wook.

Queen: Love and War

To avenge the death of her twin sister, Kang Eun-bo participates in a royal tradition in which women compete to become the next queen. However, the man she desires to marry, King Lee-Kyung (Kim Min Gue), is a widowed king mourning his wife’s loss and is plagued by strange dreams.

Amid these complexities, Eun-bo and Lee-kyung confront the scars they share, and a romance develops between them. Unsurprisingly, the series finale received the highest ratings ever for a drama on the network’s television station.

Drunk in Excellent Taste

Like the web series Drunk in Good Taste, everyone enjoys a good friends-to-lovers story. Kim Min Gue portrays Lee Yeon-Nam, a college student who has a crush on Jung Chong-nam, his best friend.

While Yeon-nam attempts to break out of the friend zone, the drama is filled with all things sweet due to the characters’ shared fondness for desserts. This show’s nostalgic and naive tone makes it an absolute joy to watch.


Korean Series ‘Perfume’ is not your average romantic comedy-drama as it’s about a genius fashion designer named Seo Yi-do and a model named Min Jae-hee, who uses a perfume bottle to change into her younger self. As they grow closer, the two eventually form a romantic bond despite sharing common vulnerabilities. Yoon Min-Seok, portrayed by Min Gue, is a K-pop idol who briefly impedes the couple’s romance.

Aside from getting to enjoy Min Kyu’s singing abilities, mental health and self-esteem are also addressed in the drama, making it a substantial piece. Perfume’s unique narrative will pique your interest with its intriguing premise.

We Are Peaceful Brothers 

This show is based on a webtoon, and it shows how Lee Yoon and Lee Sang, who are brothers, interact with each other. Kim Min Gue portrays Lee Sang as an energetic and cheerful student.

Steven Noh is alongside him, who portrays Lee Yoon as a typically mature and responsible older sibling. If you have siblings, you may relate to Yoon and Sang’s relationship because their interactions as brothers are relatable and humorous. Undoubtedly, you will be laughing out loud while watching this comedy series.

The Whispering

If you’re feeling brave enough to enjoy a good horror film, you may try to watch it as the story follows a group of high school students on a road trip that goes awry when they discover an abandoned amusement park. More misfortunes occur as they progress through their journey. Min Gue portrays Kang Min-woo, who is a student.

Are you looking forward to meeting Kim Min Kyu in person and getting to know him better? Share a heavenly moment with him on his 1st fan meeting in Manila at the New Frontier Theater this April 14. Secure your tickets now via Ticketnetph. This event is presented by Rise Media Philippines.

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