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Kim Soo Hyun Charms and Sweeps Fans Off Their Feet at ‘Eyes on You’ Manila Fan Meeting

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Kim Soo Hyun charms fans Eyes On You Fan Meeting in Manila 2024

Korean superstar Kim Soo-hyun dazzled fans in Manila during his “Eyes on You” Asia Tour on Saturday night, June 29, 2024, at the Araneta Coliseum. This marked his first solo fan meeting in a decade, following the unforgettable “Kim Soo Hyun Asia Tour 1st Memories” in 2014, which came after his breakout role in “My Love from the Star.” The actor not only showed how truly charming he is but also proved the immense love his PH fans have for him.

Fans eagerly waited to see their favorite Korean actor, and he certainly did not disappoint. After the huge success of “Queen of Tears,” which has soared to become the highest-rated TVN series and the third highest-rated Korean cable series in history.


The venue was packed to the brim with fans of all ages, their loud cheers and screams expressing their unconditional love for Kim Soo Hyun. From the moments the lights dimmed up to his last interaction with fans, Kim Soo Hyun gave his all.

He opened his ‘Eyes on You’ fan meeting in Manila with his rendition of Crush’s song “Love You With All My Heart,” featured in the OST of The Queen of Tears and greeted the fans after. “Kamusta ka? Ako ay si Kim Soo Hyun! Magandang gabi!” Seeing the packed venue, he felt the warmth and love from fans. Event host Sam Oh joined him onstage amidst the loud cheers.

“When I first entered, right at my initial entrance, I wanted my performance to be explosive. But then I could hear your cheers entering my in-ear monitor. ” He added,

“I am so happy to come back after 10 years. Despite that 10 years have passed, I still felt nervous when I came to the stage. 2022, 2023, 2024 I was here in the Philippines. I am so happy to see you all again.”  Kim soo hyun

The actor couldn’t hold back his tears as the venue erupted in loud cheers. Overwhelmed by the love from his Filipino fans. This heartfelt moment came after he was congratulated on the success of his recent drama, “Queen of Tears.”

“Because you are all smiling. It’s like the first time looking at the smiles and then I’m crying right now, I became very emotional. Thank you. Salamat po. And because of the love and support for ‘Queen of Tears,’ I was able to have a fan meeting here in the Philippines. Thank you so much”

@buzzsetter Korean superstar #KimSooHyun kicked off his 'Eyes On You' fan meeting in Manila with a #QueenofTears OST 'Love With All My Heart'. #2024KimSoohyunAsiaTourinManila #EYESONYOUKimSoohyun #눈물의여왕 #김수현 #김수현 #EyesOnYou #2024KimSooHyunAsiaTour #QueenofTears #BaekHyunWoo #Buzzsetter #BuzzsetterHallyu ♬ original sound – Buzzsetter

Netflix “Queen of Tears,” has become a global sensation, dethroned “Crash Landing on You” as the highest-rated drama on tvN with a finale rating of 24.850%. Kim Soo Hyun was visibly moved by the overwhelming support, shedding tears of gratitude.

Fun Segment

One of the highlights of the fan meet was the “Yongduri Photo Studio” segment, where Kim Soo Hyun shared the stories behind some of his Instagram posts. Among the featured photos was one taken during his time in Germany, where he posed under the sun with his jacket slipping down his arm, revealing his shoulder.


“I think you all know where I took this picture and what I was doing when I took this picture, right? This is the moment in Germany when I met Haein’s parents.”

When Host Sam followed up with a question that sparked screams throughout the venue, asking him if had intentionally let his jacket slip to reveal his shoulder. The actor responded, “It wasn’t like that in the morning, but around lunchtime, the sun was so hot.”

The crowd went wild as Soo Hyun playfully recreated the moment with his blazer, explaining, “That’s why I slipped it down my shoulder.”

Drama Scene Reenactments

The next segment is Exclusive! Soo Hyun’s Commentary where Kim Soo Hyun recreated a memorable scene from his hit Korean drama “Queen of Tears,” much to the delight of the fans. His shout of the character Hae-in’s name drew enthusiastic cheers from the audience.

“I was feeling pain, anger, sadness and a little bit of sorrow towards her and worried about Hae-in’s health”

Winter Wonderland Surprise

Kim Soo Hyun EYES on You Fan Meeting Manila recap 6

In the “Surprise Quiz” segment, the audience responded with “snow” to a question. Soo-hyun surprised his fans with a winter wonderland theme, bringing a taste of snow to Manila. The fans were delighted by this unexpected and magical touch to the event.

Learned Filipino slang

The fan meet was filled with memorable moments and one of them is when Kim Soo Hyun attempted to decode a Filipino slang. His first challenge was “omsim,” which actually meant “correct” or “that’s right”. The audience couldn’t help but laugh when he guessed it meant “tonkatsu.”

Next, he learned the slang “eme lang” or “charot,” which means “just joking.” Kim Soo Hyun noticed a fan making a hand gesture while saying “charot.” He quickly adopted and used this expression throughout the event.

Interactive Games

Kim Soo Hyun went back to the stage wearing all-white attire and participated in relay game with the twelve lucky fans. The winning team won necklaces he personally customized. Despite the losing, both teams still had the chance to take a group photo with him.

Following the fan interactions, the actor personally selected six more winners from the lottery box to receive these special necklaces.

Mini-Concert Performance

The fan meeting transformed into a mini concert, with Kim Soo Hyun performing songs like “Wherever You Will Go” by The Calling, “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi, and “All of Me” by John Legend.

Despite forgetting some lyrics during “Someone You Loved,” fans cheered him on, chanting “gwaenchana,” which means “that’s okay” in Korean.

@buzzsetter Kim Soo Hyun performs his rendition of 'Wherever You Will Go' by The Calling during his ‘EYES ON YOU: 2024 FM ASIA TOUR in Manila #KimSooHyun #김수현 #EyesOnYou #2024KimSooHyunAsiaTour #QueenofTears #BaekHyunWoo #Buzzsetter #BuzzsetterHallyu #Kpop #hallyu ♬ original sound – Buzzsetter
@buzzsetter Kim Soo Hyun serenades the crowd with John Legend's 'All of Me' during his ‘EYES ON YOU: 2024 FM ASIA TOUR in Manila 😍 #KimSooHyun #김수현 #EyesOnYou #2024KimSooHyunAsiaTour #QueenofTears #BaekHyunWoo #Buzzsetter #BuzzsetterHallyu ♬ original sound – Buzzsetter

Yodel Performance

Kim Soo Hyun wowed the audience with a rendition of “Beautiful Swiss Lady,” the Korean adaptation of “She Taught Me How To Yodel,” originally performed at his 2014 fan meeting.

He shared, “I truly enjoyed today. Every time I come to the Philippines, the audience’s continuous smiles from start to finish inspire me to enjoy the show just as much. Your energy gives me so much strength.” As a gesture of gratitude, Kim Soo Hyun blew kisses to his fans.

@buzzsetter Kim Soo Hyun's Yodeling version 2024 🥰🫶 #KimSooHyun #김수현 #EyesOnYou #2024KimSooHyunAsiaTour #QueenofTears #BaekHyunWoo #Buzzsetter #BuzzsetterHallyu #fyp #kpop #EyesOnYouinManila #KimSooHyuninManila ♬ original sound – Buzzsetter

Fan Project

A video fan project featuring Filipino fans greeting and welcoming Kim Soo-hyun to the country was also shown.

I would like to sincerely express my gratitude to all of you who prepared this video for me,” he said. “When I was planning this fan meeting, my goal was to bring you all a lot of laughs and enjoyment, but it seems I ended up laughing and enjoying the show even more.”

Kim Soo Hyun concluded the night with a performance of “Way Home,” the OST from “Queen of Tears.” He also announced that he would start filming his new series next month.

@buzzsetter #KimSooHyun concluded the night his OST from Korean Drama #QueenOfTears, “Way Home.” 🥹🫶 #2024KimSoohyunAsiaTourinManila #EYESONYOUKimSoohyun #눈물의여왕 #김수현 #2024KimSooHyunAsiaTour #BaekHyunWoo #Buzzsetter #BuzzsetterHallyu ♬ original sound – Buzzsetter

The actor once again expressed his love for his Filo fans before leaving the stage. He thanked his fans for their unwavering support and encouraged them to stay healthy and smile

“I will do my best for a great work and put a lot of effort into a great work and try to come back here to see you once again. I think this year I will come back to the Philippines again. See you then. Everyone, stay healthy.” Kim soo hyun

gROUP Photo with Kim Soo Hyun Eyes on you manila fan meeting 2024

Kim Soo Hyun’s “Eyes on You” fan meeting in Manila was a night to remember, filled with laughter, heartwarming moments, interactive segments, and fun-filled performances. His genuine connection with fans globally, as well as the memorable highlights of the evening, ensured a deep and lasting impression on everyone.

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