Kiwa Express Provides Authentic, Premium, And Affordable Korean Cuisine In Ayala Malls Manila Bay

Kiwa Express has launched in Ayala Malls Manila Bay, introducing mall consumers to exceptional Korean cuisine at cheap prices.

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The fast-casual Korean restaurant is an offspring of Kiwa Korean Grill at Solaire Resort, and it promises to offer superior Korean menu items that no other Korean restaurants currently offer.

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Dr. David Shim, CEO and proprietor of Kiwa Express, justifies this new course of action. Since I opened Kiwa Restaurant in Solaire in 2015, there has been an increasing demand from Filipino regulars for easier access to my authentic Korean cuisine.

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Dr. Shim values the authenticity of the Kiwa Express experience highly. “This is authentic Korean cuisine. Contrary to fusion. Not regionalized And we offer high-caliber, high-quality Korean cuisine at a very reasonable price…the quality is equal to that of Kiwa in Solaire.” His food’s uncompromising sincerity is the secret to his success.

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Dr. Shim hand-selected the items on the Kiwa Express menu, which are classed as Kiwa signature meals or chef’s special recommendations. “Kiwa Galbitang, the Korean version of bulalo, is my particular recommendation for first-timers,” he says. I can assure you that it will bring you great joy.” The substantial, comforting beef stew is an excellent introduction to Korean cuisine.

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Chicken Salad: Delicious and healthy meal. Chicken is quite crisphy Rate: 9/10

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Bacon and Honey Salad: Love the plating You can taste the sauce. We just wish that there was more bacon in it. Rate: 8/10

The lengthy stewing of beef short ribs in aromatics produces a clean, delicate broth that is a sensory delight. Dr. Shim also advises the must-try Kimchi Jjigae, a warming and spicy stew that features the restaurant’s famous kimchi, Doenjang Jjigae, Jap Chae, and Shrimp Tempura.

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Mango Bingsu: Mango overload! We highly suggest to get the big bowl. Rate: 9/10

Individual dishes are priced according to portion size at Kiwa Express. There are also family-sized alternatives available for large groups. Meal sets are supplied to simplify the ordering process for clients.

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Dakgang Jeong: Delicious chicken appetizer. It was a great way to start the meal! Rate: 8/10

Dr. Shim believes Filipinos would continue to like Korean cuisine. “I note that the majority of food offered to the general population is fast food and rapid meals. It is too salty, too sugary, and deep-fried to be healthy. Vegetables are used in abundance in Korean cuisine, making it a healthful alternative.

Kiwa Korean cuisine, in particular, is neither fast nor premade and is always prepared and cooked on-site before to delivery. I wish to offer healthy alternatives to Filipinos for their betterment.”

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Pork Donkatsu: Such a big meal! We love the corn mixed with the salad. The pork wasn’t that bad either. Rate: 8/10

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The Kiwa Express location in Ayala Malls Manila Bay is the first of many planned locations. “This restaurant will serve as the prototype for all future locations. When this is successful, we have more opportunities lined up.”

Kiwa Express is located on the third floor of Building B, Ayala Malls Manila Bay, at the corner of Macapagal Boulevard and Aseana Avenue in Paranaque City. Guests may phone (02) 7004 7472

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Guests can send a message via Instagram ( and Facebook ( with questions.

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You can also wear a hanbok while eating your favorite Korean dishes at Kiwa Express!


  1. Mahalaga na vina-value ng Kiwa Express ang authenticity ng Korean cuisine. Ang dami na kasing naglipana na restaurant na nagse serve ng Korean dishes pero di naman authentic. Maganda din iyong interior design ng restaurant na ito. Nakakatakam pa mga pagkain nila lalo na iyong Dakgang Jeong and Mango Bingsu. Must visit talaga.


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