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Korea House: A Secret Traditional And Royal Cuisine Restaurant

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Spend an evening at Seoul’s Korea House and learn about the Joseon Dynasty. Recipes from the royal palace have been used to make the dishes on the menu. Award-winning chefs make dishes like seafood in a pine nut sauce, abalone on skewers, and grilled tenderloin with pumpkin sauce.

Korea House KTO 1

Korea House has excellent food, entertainment, and shopping all in one place. The royal banquet is made up of a dozen small, artistic courses. The hanok, the waitresses in hanbok, the gayageum (zither) music, and the platters and boxes in which the food is served are all part of the experience.

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Image Courtesy: Korea House

The small theater has two dance and music shows that each last an hour. Some English commentary is shown on a screen during the shows, which are put on by a group of top musicians and dancers. The show has beautiful court dances, a spiritual shamanist dance called pansori, a folk dance called samullori, and a dance called samgomu (acrobatic female drummers each banging on three drums). If you’re here for dinner, you can get 30% off your tickets.

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Image Courtesy: Korea House

The experience is completed by the shop at Korea House, which sells quality design items, traditional crafts, and books, such as Eumsik Dimibang, a 1670 cookbook from the Joseon era.

While you eat, there will be a variety of musical performances for you to enjoy. Watch artists do a spiritual dance called “pansori” and listen to “samul nori” music, which is played on four Korean instruments. Witness samgo-mu dances from acrobatic female drummers. In the Korea House in Seoul, you can get a taste of the Joseon Dynasty.

Korea House is a cultural center that is just 10 minutes from Myeongdong Station in the Jung-gu area. Its goal is to promote traditional Korean culture and customs. If you want to learn more about Korean history and culture, this is the place to go.

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Image Courtesy: Korea House

Most people know Korea House for its high-end traditional Korean food. Sit down for a dining experience where professional chefs use the best ingredients to make delicious Korean dishes. You will eat like a king at a full-course meal in a traditional Korean house called a Hanok, where waiters dressed in Hanbok will serve you authentic Korean dishes.

There is also a traditional theater at Korea House where you can watch a traditional dance and music show. Beautiful people in colorful traditional clothes will act out different Korean folktales. On Wednesdays, Korean dance and music are used to tell the story of “Sim Cheong.” “Sim Cheong” is the story of a beautiful daughter who gives up her life so that her father can see again.

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Image Courtesy: Korea House

Visit Korea House for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to eat great Korean food and see a traditional performance that will blow you away.

Korea House

Address: 4-3 Pildong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Phone number: +82-2-2278-1776
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 09:00AM – 9:30PM
Closed days: Every 3rd Monday and Chuseok (Oct 4)


Food Price:

Nogeum Course: 68,000 KRW per person
Cheongu Course: 88,000 KRW per person
Haerin Course: 122,000 KRW per person
Eojin Course: 150,000 KRW per person
Traditional Show: 35,000 KRW per person with course meal / 50,000 per person for show only.
*A minimum of 2 people must order the same course.

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