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Nostalgic Moments with ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Actor Kim Bum During Manila Fan Meeting 

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kim bum fanmeeting manila

K-drama fans were thrilled to see the heartthrob South Korean actor Kim Bum as he graced the stage of New Frontier Theater on September 22 at 7 p.m. for his 2023 Asia Fan Meeting, ‘Between U and Me.” The actor is best known for his appearances in the hit Korean dramas “Boys Over Flowers,” “Tale of the Nine Tailed,” “Law School,” and “Ghost Doctor.”

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The event kicked off with Sunny Kim as the host, and she selected several lucky fans to play the game with none other than Kim Bam himself. The PH Bummies couldn’t contain their excitement and gave their loudest cheer as the actor graced the stage, serenading them with “Love Song” by Kei, an OST from his recent drama “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1939.”

It’s been ten years since Kim Bum last visited the Philippines, and he’s glad to be back for his fan meetings in Manila and Cebu. The actor revealed that he was involved in the overall preparation of his fan meeting. In addition, he also prepared a lot of special performances for the PH Bummies to show a different side of him.

Bum’s Update

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Kim Bum shared, “I participated in everything, from the font style to the designs for this fan meet.

According to Kim Bum, his MBTI is INTJ. The star admits that he’s quite a reserved and serious person, especially at work, where he describes himself as a “perfectionist.” For him, it’s his strength and weakness because he works hard every time but also gets anxious even though things are alright. 

He said, “I think I’m most stubborn when I work.” 

Bum’s Awards

In the Bum’s Awards segment, the fans had to guess the answer that Kim Bum chose. This will test the fans on how well they know their favorite actor. 


The first question is about Kim Bum’s personality, whether he’s cute, sexy, beautiful, or cool. In response, the actor felt shy and chose “cool” instead because it suits him and it’s the least embarrassing word to choose from. 

When asked what’s the difference with actor Kim Bum in comparison to the real Kim Bum, he replied: “Actually there’s no difference, I prefer a dark atmosphere.” 

However, the actor was quick to say that because of his fans, he smiles more. 

I hope you guys smile well. I hope you guys stay happy. I hope you guys won’t get hurt easily.” Kim Bum expressed.

In a category, Kim Bum was asked to select who among the four characters he played would he want to recommend to his best friend or meet his sister. He chose his role, Han Joo Hwi, from Law School. 


His fans were also happy as Kim Bum mentioned that his portrayal of Lee Rang is one of the most memorable because it’s his recent role, including his character in “Boys Over Flowers” since it’s special to him. After all, that’s how he met his fans. 

Kim Bum announced, “I had fun talking about my stories to you guys, and I think what you want to see is something different.”

Bum’s Dance 

Since Kim Bum is a well-known actor, fans can’t contain their excitement as he prepared something different for them, a dance segment. PH Bummies has to guess which Kim Bum K-drama character is on the screen, and if they’re correct, the actor has to dance for the fans as punishment. The songs are hidden on random numbers and fans can pick which number they like.

Luckily for PH Bummies, Kim Bum danced to several girl group songs: “ETA” by NewJeans, “Flower” by Jisoo, “Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s Wife” by Le Sserafim. 

kim bum manila fanmeeting 6

The actor confessed, “I’ve never danced, even in front of my mother.

Although it’s completely different from acting, Kim Bum planned the game for his fans to enjoy the moment and see a new side of him. 


He claimed, “Though I’ve never tried dancing and practiced dancing, I felt relieved. I prepared for 3-4 months and it’s a very fruitful thing.”

Moreover, the actor made the crowd nostalgic as he serenaded the fans with SS501’s “Because I’m Stupid”, a popular soundtrack from “Boys Over Flowers.”

The surprise doesn’t end there, Kim Bum went down the stage to greet his fans personally!

Bum’s TMI

In this segment, the game tested the fans on how well they knew the actor. Four lucky winners got the chance to come up on stage and have a Polaroid selfie and an autograph with Kim Bum!

Here are some fun facts about Kim Bum:

  1. He doesn’t like summer
  2. He only had one coffee during the fan meeting.
  3. He stayed up all night in the past month
  4. He falls asleep while watching a movie.
  5. He was surprised to know that Filipinos can eat lots of mangoes in one sitting because he can’t do that.

It doesn’t end there, because Kim Bum is so generous that he designed a tumbler for a lucky fan to claim the personalized gift! 

Challenge with Bum 

The challenge is to collaborate with Kim Bum as a team to succeed. The teams were divided into three groups, with four people in each team. Whoever team wins, their section will also get a special photocard prize, and the challenge is to beat the fastest team record.


Game Rules:

  1. They have to throw a total of two arrows with Kim Bum to move on to the next round
  2. They have to hit the takyan or sipa five times each 
  3. Lastly, they have to flip 10 colored papers together.

As a result, Team B won with a record of 41 seconds, while Team A was 54 seconds and Team C got 47 seconds. Fortunately, all the players still got to hug the actor on stage after the game!

Bum Therapy

The last segment is all about fan interaction! Five winners won a selfie with Kim Bum!

The fan meeting wouldn’t be complete without a fan project, and it turned out to be a complete success as the actor beamed with the overwhelming support he received from fans. Not to mention, some PH Bummies who spoke in Korean left him in awe with their dedication.

Sobrang ramdam ko ang pagmamahal niyo. Maraming Salamat!” Kim Bum commented.

Kim Bum ends the fan meeting with a last song number from “My Universe” by Coldplay and BTS. 

He asked, “Nag-enjoy ba kayo? Iingatan ko ‘to lahat sa puso ko hanggang sa huling pagkikita na’tin. Maraming salamat, po. Kitakits ulit!


After the fan meeting, all sections were entitled to the hi-bye session, photocard, and unsigned poster giveaways.

Special thanks to VIU Philippines for the media invite!

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