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Immersive ‘Endless Landscape’ Digital Korean Art Free Exhibit at Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines

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kcc free exhibit endless landscape

An exhibit showcasing traditional Korean cultural content is currently running in the Philippines, allowing Filipinos to immerse themselves in arresting visuals.

From Jan. 19 to June 29, “Endless Landscape: Digitally Reimagined Korean Art” will be on view at the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines in Western Bicutan, Taguig City.

Digitally Reimagined Korean Art KCC

The event features “immersive video works using the latest digital technology” to tell cultural heritage stories.

As part of its Overseas Korean Galleries Support Program, the exhibit serves as a “kick-off event” to celebrate the 75 years of friendship between Korea and the Philippines.

I hope that this exhibition focusing on digital content, which goes beyond conventional artifact-centered exhibitions, will serve as a unique opportunity to introduce Korean culture to the Filipino public Yoon Sung-yong, the director general of the National Museum of Korea

KCC Endless landcapes exhibit
Gayageum artist Ju Bora performs at the opening ceremony of the ‘Endless Landscape: Digitally Reimagined Korean Art’ exhibit . Photo courtesy of the KCC

The exhibit provides a great opportunity for meaningful cultural exchanges between our two countries.I hope that it will showcase Korea’s rich tradition and substantiate its position as a digital powerhouse that can further strengthen our bilateral partnership, Korean Ambassador Lee Sang-hwa

Four video works that are reinterpretations of traditional Korean paintings are presented in the exhibit through digital technology.

“Endless Mountains and Rivers: A Prosperous World Unfolds in Nature” is based on the work by Yi In-mun, a royal court painter during the Joseon Dynasty.


This work portrays people living in harmony with nature.”

In “Royal Processions with the People,” the artist depicts rites of the royal court during the Joseon period, based on official records and paintings.

Pillars of Divinity Chongseok Rocks digitally reimagined exhibit kcc
Photo courtesy of the KCC

As for the video “Pillars of Divinity, Chongseok Rocks,” it presents the famous Geumgang mountains and their scenic attraction, the Chongseok Rocks in Gangwon province.

Based on Kim Gyu-jin’s painting “Scenic View of Chongseok Rocks,” the work is titled “Scenic View of Chongseok Rocks.”

Peonies in Bloom endless landscape exhibit KCC
Photo courtesy of the KCC

Peonies in Bloom is based on a two-panel painting of peony flowers in the National Museum of Korea collection, which was originally installed in a palace building during the Joseon era.

The video will transport visitors into a sumptuous garden of red and white peony blossoms in full bloom.

Each year, the KCC hosts three to four exhibitions aimed at promoting Filipino and Korean cultural exchanges. A monthly film and concert screening is also held at the center.

Furthermore, the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines offers a wide range of classes that include Korean language instruction, Traditional dance, K-Pop dance, Korean singing, taekwondo, hansik or Korean cooking, and mooninhwa, minhwa or traditional painting.


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