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Korean Drama Queen of Tears Episode 1 Recap

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korean drama queen of tears episode 1 recap

In the premiere episode of “Queen of Tears,” we are introduced to the main characters, Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in, who are featured in a documentary revealing personal aspects of their lives.

As they reflect on their relationship, it becomes evident that their once-thriving connection is now deteriorating. The narrative unfolds their initial encounter at the Queens group, where Hae-in, a typical chaebol princess, is initially oblivious and arrogant. Hyun-woo, sensing trouble, extends help, inadvertently leading Hae-in to believe in his romantic interest.

Hyun-woo eventually confesses his feelings, and despite a heartfelt gesture with an umbrella on a rainy day, Hae-in is left bewildered as her driver arrives. The revelation that Hyun-woo resigned upon discovering Hae-in’s heiress status adds complexity to their history.

Fast forward three years into their marriage, and we find the couple’s stark personality and social differences. Hae-rin, now the president of Queens department store, remains cold and obnoxious, while Hyun-woo, the legal director of the Queens group, exhibits kindness and consideration.

The tension escalates as Hae-rin orders Hyun-woo to evict non-performing brands from the department store. Their exchanges reveal resentment, and at the Hong residence, Hae-rin’s parents wield authority over decisions.

Amidst family dynamics, Hyun-woo confronts Hae-rin about their child, facing her nonchalant demeanor. Feeling powerless, he vents to his friend, Kim Yang-ki, revealing the constant surveillance by company agents.

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Hae-rin, in a surprising turn, defends Hyun-woo against disrespect from her brother. The narrative also introduces Hong Beom-Ja, Hae-rin’s aunt-in-law, incarcerated for assaulting her father’s girlfriend, who ominously predicts the absence of goodbyes in divorce.

The memorial day for the chairman’s late wife brings revelations about his young girlfriend, Mo Seul-hee. During the ceremony, tensions rise as Beom-Ja accuses Seul-hee of causing her mother’s death, exposing the strained relationships within the Hong family.

The sons-in-law discuss their oppressive treatment within the family, and Hyun-woo’s struggle becomes apparent on his father’s 60th birthday, where he cannot even visit him.

Hyun-woo faces threats from Hae-rin’s father, Beom-Joon, to humiliate a departing director, adding to the pressure on his personal and professional life. Seeking solace, he visits a doctor and shares his woes, highlighting the challenges of living with his in-laws.

Grace Go, the secretary, adds fuel to the fire by informing Hyun-woo that Hae-rin hasn’t included him in her will. The Hong family’s mistreatment continues as Hae-rin’s brother forces Hyun-woo into a menial task, disregarding his authority.

The episode takes a dramatic turn when Hae-rin reveals she has only three months to live. Hyun-woo, initially planning to divorce her, is shocked into a complete reversal, expressing his love and breaking down in tears.

The episode concludes with a flashback to their wedding, where Hyun-woo promises to love Hae-rin even after ten years. Despite the challenges, the episode leaves us wondering about the future of their tumultuous relationship.