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6 Korean Dramas to Binge-Watch If You Like Ahn Hyo Seop

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South Korean heartthrob actor Ahn Hyo Seop is making waves globally as he continues to make fans’ hearts flutter with his versatility—acting, dancing, modeling, and singing—name it all, and he can ace it. The actor has proven his range in a variety of genres, may it be a medical drama, time travel, or the role of a CEO.

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Korean dramas are so addicting to watch, especially if you’re particularly interested in the male lead. Then,  all of a sudden, you become drawn to the actors, searching for them on Google for more dramas to binge-watch! If Ahn Hyo Seop caught your attention, maybe it’s time to binge-watch his other shows. Not to mention, it’s the perfect time since he’ll be having his first fan meeting in the Philippines this weekend.

Here are some of the K-dramas that you should binge-watch if you’re a fan of Ahn Hyo Seop:

A Time Called You (2023)

After mysteriously being transported back in time, a grieving young lady finds herself in the body of a high school student. In this timeline, she meets a fellow student who resembles her missing boyfriend, causing her great confusion.

Where to watch: Netflix


Business Proposal (2022)

Disguised as her friend, Ha-ri attends a blind date to reject her friend’s potential suitor. However, she gets entangled as things spiral out of control after he offers an unexpected proposal and realizes that the man is her boss.

Where to watch: Netflix

Dr. Romantic 2 & 3 (2020-2023)

The story centers on two surgical colleagues, Cha Eun-Jae and Seo Woo-Jin, who are both challenged with morals and ethics in the medical field. Together, their lives change upon meeting Master Kim. The two will discover more about themselves, contributing to their personal and professional growth as doctors.

Where to watch: Netflix, Disney Plus

Lovers of the Red Sky (2021)

The story revolves around two star-crossed lovers set in the Dan dynasty. Hong Chun Gi, a gifted blind painter, regains her vision and defies norms by joining an elite art school. Meanwhile, Ha Ram, an astrologer, loses his sight but gains the power to predict the future through the night sky.


Where to watch: Viu

Abyss (2019)

Cha Min and Go Se-Yeon realize they reincarnated into unfamiliar bodies after their separate, untimely deaths. The two joined forces to find out the cause of their deaths and the reason for their swapped bodies.

Where to watch: Netflix

Still 17 (2018)

Although Ahn Hyo Seop isn’t the male lead, you may want to check this one out, as this is where his popularity skyrocketed. It’s about Gong Woo-Jin, a 30-year-old set designer with a past trauma who avoids relationships. Along with Woo Seo-Ri, who fell into a coma at 17 and wakes up 13 years later with a 17-year-old mentality in a 30-year-old body, she forms a romantic connection with him.

Where to watch: Netflix