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KOREAN FILM FESTIVAL Returns With Live Screenings After 2 Years

After two years, the 2022 Korean Film Festival (KFF) is back with live screenings on August 10. This is a chance for everyone to make new friends and make beautiful memories.

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After two years, the 2022 Korean Film Festival (KFF) is back with live screenings on August 10. This is a chance for everyone to make new friends and make beautiful memories.

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The Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC) and the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) invite everyone to see the secret Korean movies that came out in 2020 and 2021 during the pandemic. With this special collection of movies, you can start to meet new people, try new things, and find new goals.

“Deliver Us From Evil,” directed by Hong Wonchan in 2020, “Escape from Mogadishu,” directed by Ryu Seung-wan in 2021, “The Novelist’s Film,” directed by Hong Sangsoo in 2021, “Miracle: Letters to the President,” directed by Lee Janghoon in 2021, “Snowball,” directed by Lee Woojung in 2021, “The Day I Died,” directed by Park Jiwan in 2020, (Jo Eunji, 2021). These carefully chosen movies will be shown in 5 SM Cinemas around Metro Manila for the first time in two years.

2022 KFF Screening Schedule

The opening ceremony for the 2022 KFF will be held at SM Aura Premier on August 10 at 5 p.m., but only for a few people. “Deliver Us From Evil,” the opening movie, will be shown at Cinema 2. After the festival, all seven films will be shown to the public at SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM City Grand Central, SM North Edsa, and SM Southmall from August 11 to 14. First come, first served is how the public screening works.

Also, two Korean film directors, Hong Wonchan, who made “Deliver Us From Evil,” and Lee Woojung, who made “Snowball,” will be at the opening ceremony. After the first film is shown on August 10, people will be able to meet them and ask them questions.

Hong Wonchan is one of the most well-known so-called “post-Korean” film directors, and he has made a number of successful movies. In 2020, when a pandemic was going on in Korea, almost 4.36 million people went to see “Deliver Us From Evil,” the opening film of the 2022 KFF. His first movie, “Office,” will be shown at the 68th Cannes Film Festival at midnight in 2015. He also wrote a few of his movies, and he works hard at what he does.
Director Lee Woojung is a talented woman who keeps making independent films and helping the Korean independent film industry. After going to college to study theater and film, she started working as an actress. In 2012, she made her first independent short film, “Neither to die nor to leave.” Her recent film, “Snowball,” brought her more attention.

But wait, there’s more! On August 11 at 1:30 p.m. at the FDCP Cinematheque Centre Manila, there will be a “Talk with the Filmmakers” where these 2 directors will talk about the challenges and processes of making movies. Two well-known Filipino film directors will also be there to talk about what they have learned. The goal of this event is to show how the film industries of both countries work together and to give advice and information about film production and making to Filipinos, especially film students.

People who want to see the movies can go to @KCCPhil on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to sign up for the opening ceremony on August 10, a talk with the filmmakers on August 11, and public screenings from August 11 to 14.


The Film Development Council of the Philippines, the Korean Film Council, the Korean Tourism Organization Manila Office, and SM Cinema will all work together on the 2022 Korean Film Festival.

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