Korean Hanbok Experience In Seoul

Get ready to immerse yourself in Korean culture!

Renting a hanbok for a day and exploring Seoul while wearing it is a must-try experience, especially for first-time travelers in Korea. 

Global K friends wearing hanbok Gyeongbokgung Palace 2

Hanbok is a traditional Korean garment established more than 1,600 years ago and distinguished by its bright colors, unique patterns, and primary lines.

Back in the day, the colors of the Hanbok represented social class and marital status; for example, brighter colors were typically worn by children and girls, while married ladies wore muted hues.

If you wish to rent a hanbok to take photos at one of the palaces while wearing one, you will have to travel the streets surrounding the palaces. Insadong Street is the most famous street for renting hanboks. However, keep in mind that costs are typically higher on this street due to its popularity with tourists.

Where To Rent Hanbok In Seoul?

Finding a quality Hanbok rental location in Seoul doesn’t appear easy. Several city-center establishments now offer Hanbok rental on a widespread scale. You’ll be dizzy because several establishments offer hanbok rentals at different prices.

Together with my Global K-Friends, we went to the “In Korea Hanbok Rental” to avail their service. It’s only a few blocks away from Gyeongbokgung palace. 

How much is the Hanbok rental service?

Prices for traditional Korean outfits may vary depending on where you rent them. The price will be slightly higher if you choose a rental shop on a tourist-filled main street. However, it will be less expensive if you prefer a store in an area with fewer tourists.

hanbok rental fees inkorea store in seoul
The service price of this Hanbok rental store will be based on your preferred rental hours. 

The prices above include the following:

  • full outfit (jeogori +chima)
  • tote bag
  • hair accessories
  • staff to help you get dressed
  • locker

Wearing Hanbok with Global K-friends

When wearing traditional Korean attire, removing your clothing is unnecessary. It can be worn over garments.

Here’s the most exciting part of the process. You can accessorize your attire with a headband, several hair accessories or ornaments, and a tote bag.

They also have lockers where you can leave your jackets and backpacks.

If you rent this traditional Korean outfit, you’ll likely want to snap photos too. Something about these garments gives them a princess-like appearance, just like in K-drama shows.

Photoshoot at Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace is Seoul’s most popular shooting place and is ideal for hanbok photographs.

We are so lucky since we were able to witness the Changing of the Royal Guard at Gyeongbokgung Palace. It can be viewed for free in front of the main gate every day (except Tuesdays) at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Each of the five palaces has remarkable architecture and is worth visiting. If you are only in Seoul for a few days, you can choose between one or two palaces to visit.

My Hanbok Experience

Wearing a hanbok around the palace was one of the most memorable experiences from my recent Korea trip with KTO Global K-friends. This isn’t my first time wearing it, but I just love immersing myself in the local culture whenever I visit a new country.

When I wore my Hanbok in Seoul, I felt like a princess, it was totally fun, and I’d love to experience that feeling again with my boyfriend. Therefore, I highly recommend this activity to those who want to learn more about Korean culture.

Where To Book?

You may book your hanbok rental experience via Trazy Korea or Klook. You can also get a 5% discount when you use our exclusive promo code ‘BUZZSETTER5OFF‘ via Klook app. Enjoy!



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