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Kpop boy band TAN to return to Manila this September

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tan manila concert

Filipinos cannot get enough of riding the Hallyu wave with the greatest passion possible. Fans of Filo K-Pop are so devoted and incredibly supportive of their idols. A reason why every K-Pop fan should be prepared for a massive surprise in the upcoming “BER” month!

The charismatic and electrifying South Korean boy band TAN is poised to make a triumphant return to the Philippines this September. Adding to the excitement, it has been formally announced that TAN, signed to Think Entertainment, will join the esteemed Universal Records Philippines artist roster, taking their career to new heights and striving for a broader presence in the Philippine music market.

kpop boyband manila concert

Changsun, Jiseong, Sunghyuk, Taehoon, Hyunyeop, Jooan, and Jaejun are on their way to making PH SODAs swoon all over again with their exceptional visuals and dazzling singing and dancing skills! Look at this recent TikTok video of Taehoon performing the “Rover Challenge” with Kai of EXO, which has over 4.8 million views and over 700,000 likes!

Along with Mr. Roh Hyun Tae, the CEO of TAN, Universal Records’s Managing Director Kathleen Dy-Go along with Mr. Geong Seong Han, the President and CEO of SBTown, famous to fans as “Tatang Robin” are the ones responsible for making this very special treat come true. They debuted with their first mini album 1TAN on March 10, 2022 featuring their single “DU DU DU ” and dropped the three-track TAN 1st Anniversary Special Album [ESSEGE] just last March 2023.

Joining forces with Universal Records, one of the most renowned labels in the music industry, is a remarkable milestone for TAN. Both UR and SBTown are known for their impeccable reputation and commitment to nurturing exceptional talent, recognizing the exceptional potential in TAN’s music and artistic vision.

Exclusive interview of Universal Records with TAN

Of course, their Filipino fans deserve to know them a lot better so we sat down with the boys for an exclusive interview to talk about lots of stuff regarding their notable experiences since their last visit here in the country.


While on your promo tour last year, did TAN have the chance to explore Manila? Are there any favorite places or hidden gems that you discovered and would like to share with your fans?

TAN: We were able to do a short tour in Manila. We went to Luneta Park, Intramuros, Manila Cathedral, and MOA Seaside. We loved Intramuros and would like to come back to take more photos!

Any tourist spots or specific places in Manila you looking forward to visiting this time?

TAN: We would like to visit more places that we haven’t visited before, so we’re open to suggestions from SODA!

Are there any Filipino artists that TAN would love to collaborate with?

TAN: We would love to collaborate with PLUUS! Our member Jaejun wrote 2 songs for them for their debut album and we would also like to perform with them someday.

Do you have plans to try traditional Filipino activities, such as jeepney rides, karaoke sessions, or street food adventures, when you go back here in Manila?

TAN: We want to try riding jeepneys and eating local street foods

During your visit to Manila last year, did you discover any Filipino dishes or food that you particularly enjoyed?

TAN: We tried halo-halo, crispy pata, lechon, and dried mangoes! We also tried Jollibee and we loved it. We want to eat more Filipino foods when we come back.


So guys, do you have any message or shout-out for your Filipino fans/ SODAs who have been supporting you throughout your journey? What should they look forward to this coming September?

TAN: Filipino SODA have always had the loudest cheers and we are so excited to hear them again! We miss SODA so much so we came back as soon as we could. We are preparing special surprises for SODA and we can’t wait to share it with you all!

Truly, fans can expect an extraordinary experience during TAN’s highly anticipated return to the Philippines. The group’s live performances are renowned for their mesmerizing choreography, infectious energy, and flawless harmonies. TAN’s upcoming concert will undoubtedly showcase their immense growth and further cement their status as global K-pop superstars. Mark your calendars for September and get ready to be swept away by the unstoppable force that is TAN!

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