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ENHYPEN: The Rising Stars Gracing the Latest Cover of NME

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“Meet #ENHYPEN, the K-pop boyband destined to dominate the mainstream. “

While the K-pop scene constantly changes, few acts have caught the world’s attention and built a devoted fanbase as rapidly as ENHYPEN. With their undeniable talent, captivating music, and performances, this seven-member group has become the latest cover of NME.

enhypen cover nme
ENHYPEN on The Cover of NME. Credit: Pak Bae for NME

The boys competed against one another and 16 other candidates on I-Land , a reality TV show for a chance to form the Kpop boyband, as selected by viewers and industry experts, which aired in 2020.

Through fierce competition and intense training, the group’s members—Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-ki—were meticulously chosen to form ENHYPEN.

enhypen nme cover 1
ENHYPEN on The Cover of NME. Credit: Pak Bae for NME

From their debut album, “Border: Day One,” to their latest release, “Border: Carnival,” they have displayed versatility and a willingness to push boundaries. Seamlessly blending genres like pop, rock, and EDM, their music strikes a chord with listeners worldwide.

Whether it’s the catchy hooks of “Given-Taken,” the introspective intros of “Drunk-Dazed,” or the heartfelt melodies of “Let Me In (20 CUBE),” ENHYPEN’s music touches audiences on a deeply emotional level.

The group’s enormous fame stretches far beyond South Korea, with supporters worldwide. ENHYPEN has garnered a global fanbase, affectionately dubbed “ENGENEs,” that has supported the group’s endeavors with unwavering devotion. Their widespread influence and ability to connect with fans globally is proved by the fact that they consistently trend on social media platforms around the globe.


ENHYPEN’s cover photoshoot for NME perfectly encapsulates their unique style and individuality. The members effortlessly radiate both charisma and vulnerability, creating a powerful visual impact.

ENHYPEN’s selection as the latest NME cover star is a testimony to their undeniable talent, global influence, and innovative approach to music. With their cutting-edge music and thrilling performances, they have reinvented what it means to be a K-pop group, shattering limits and enrapturing the world.

kpop enhypen new cover nme
ENHYPEN on The Cover of NME. Credit: Pak Bae for NME

As ENHYPEN’s popularity grows, they’ll undoubtedly make an an indelible impression on the music industry for years to come.