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K-Pop Group BTOB Truly Are ‘Vocal Kings’ During Their “Our Dream” Fan-Con in Manila

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btob manila concert 2024

On April 7, the K-Pop group BTOB, known as the “vocal kings” of K-Pop, held their “2024 BTOB Fan-Con Our Dream” at MOA Arena in Manila. This marked their first performance in Manila in seven years, with their previous concert being at Super Pop Con 2017.

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During the concert, Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, and Peniel opened with their song “The Song” and then followed up with their hit song “I’ll Be Your Man (Pray)” as they showcased their exceptional harmonization skills and effortlessly high vocal range.

Games and Song Performances

In this segment, the members were challenged to play the “99-Second Relay Game”. They had only 99 seconds to complete five missions. When Eunkwang suggested giving up, Changsub continued running around the stage with full energy to entertain the fans.

Following the game, they informed their fans that they would perform their healing song, “It’s Okay,” which surprised the fans. The audience took the opportunity to sing along with the group.

Message from PH Melodies, Filipino Food & Set List

In this category, members picked a message from the board written by Filo-Melodies. Many letters touched their hearts, mostly about how BTOB served as their strength in times of hardship, or how they were motivated by the group in their life—be it through studies or work.

Luckily, Eunkwang also sang a happy birthday song to a PH Melody! Not to mention, BTOB accepted the song request from fans of their song “Second Confession,” which they sang together in acapella.

btob concert manila 2024

Additionally, BTOB members were asked about their favorite Filipino dishes. According to Peniel, he has only tried halo-halo, but they also wanted to try Jollibee. For Minhyuk, he answered sinigang, as he ordered it from room service and it was the best for him. Changsub and Eunkwang mentioned San Miguel beer.

Since BTOB are comedy kings, they also made the audience laugh when pronouncing the Tagalog word “Nakakapagpabagabag.”

Following the segment, they performed their Spring track “Remember That.”

BTOB also sang their other hits “Higher”, “Beautiful Pain,” “Only One For Me,” and “Missing You,” including “Blowin’ Up” and “Finale: Our Concert” for their encore.

BTOB’s Message for Fans

During the photo-op, PH Melodies prepared a heartwarming surprise fan-made video for the group. After the photo-op, the boys were kind enough to take photos on each side of the MOA Arena to cater to all the fans from different sections. Also, the boys created a reel in the arena with Filipino fans and their beautiful blue ocean captured on camera.


After a wait of 7 years, each member expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Filipino fans who eagerly awaited their return. Peniel thanked the fans, “We will try to come back sooner than another seven-year term. Hopefully, a lot sooner. Thank you for coming and waiting!” Changsub added, “Next time, we’ll try to come back even sooner than seven years.” He expressed his gratitude for the heartfelt and heartwarming video prepared by the PH Melodies, and how it warms his heart whenever fans sing along with them.

Changsub continued, “We hope we’ll meet as soon as possible, and I wish you guys a healthy life. I’m so happy today. Thank you so much!”

Hyunsik apologized, “We’re sorry for making you guys wait such a long time. I was worried. I didn’t expect this many melodies to come tonight, so thank you so much to all of you!” 

He assured the fans, “And after watching the video you guys have prepared, I felt that I should give back to you the love I received, and I’m grateful. I will do my very best to come back as soon as possible and see you guys once again.” 

Additionally, Hyunsik shared that he visited lots of beaches here in the Philippines. He took plenty of pictures and videos during the trip.


Hyunsik promised, “I’ll make sure to share it with you guys all. Thank you so much! Mahal kita.

Minhyuk cheered, “First of all, I really wanna say, sobrang salamat po! I was really happy today. You guys always give me happiness. Today, I thought while looking at you guys how loving you are. I promise you once again, that I’ll come back to the Philippines soon. Thank you for coming and shouting for us. Thank you! I love you.

Eunkwang praised Minhyuk’s effort to communicate with fans in English. He said, “I saw Minhyuk. I wish I could study English. Good job! Good brain!

Minhyuk responded, “It’s okay. I prepared the speech before this stage.” 

Eunkwang made the crowd laugh with his humor. He commented, “Actually, my message is the same with all of them [members].” He faced the members and said, “Your mind is my mind.” 


Eunkwang concluded, “We wanted to visit the Philippines, so we’re really happy to be here today. Don’t forget today—our memory forever. I’ll never forget this moment. I’ll never forget today’s memory forever, so until next time I’ll remember today and stay put. Until then, be healthy, alright? Mahal kita!

Special thanks to Ovations Production for the invite!

Jonnie Ngo is an entertainment and lifestyle writer passionate about pop culture. She enjoys traveling and binge-watching both Korean dramas and Western shows.