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LAY’s Latest EP, LIT, Arrives At No. 1 On iTunes Philippines

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With the release of his latest EP, LIT, international sensation and China’s top idol LAY (Lay Zhang) goes straight to No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums Philippines.

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LIT was released in two parts, each with six tracks, and it reached the top of the iTunes Top Albums chart in 14 countries.

Following its debut on digital and streaming platforms around the world, Stream Lit, Yixing (his Chinese name), and Zhang (his surname) became popular topics on Twitter Philippines.


LAY co-wrote all of the songs on the EP, ensuring that his message and story are properly conveyed in each song. On his current album, he collaborated with producer heavyweight Murda Beatz (Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, Drake), who has a solid backbone in modern hip-hop with an enjoyable sound that has never been done before.

The hit-making team combined recognizable Chinese instruments and cultural analogies with the essence of “Western music” and top-notch current production skills for the first half of the album, with English and Mandarin lyrics mixed in every song. From start to finish, the EP captures your interest. Each song has a rhythmic flow, captivating vocals, and bass-heavy beats that explore the new “pop meets urban” vibe.

LAY tackles the notions of solitude, arrogance, self-confidence, loyalty, resolution, and courage via his music. These six songs combine very ancient musical elements and thoughts with contemporary pop modernity. Be prepared for an emotional and auditory journey, beginning with the lyrics and ending with the production. The booming anthem and title song “LIT” serves as the EP’s centerpiece, while the already-released popular song “Jade” has a mix of traditional “peking opera” and Chinese instruments. The cutting-edge production for songs like “Eagle,” “H20,” “Fly,” and “Soul” will take you on a truly refreshing journey with passionate lyrics that demonstrate a whole new musical combination.

LIT was released on the same day as LAY’s epic music video of the same name, which was published by Zhang Yixing Studio on the same day. The stunning sights have received over 1.5 million views and are currently ranked No. 14 on YouTube’s Philippines trending videos.


Artist Biography

LAY gained international notoriety this year after collaborating with Steve Aoki and on the smash cross-cultural duet Love You More, which reached #1 on the QQ Music China list.

As a member of EXO, LAY made his debut in the music industry. With 49 million Weibo followers and over 11.8 million Instagram followers, he became a household name in Asia and one of the most popular stars in the region. With his third album NAMANANA, LAY has risen to become the highest-ranking Mandopop star on the Billboard 200 list and the first Chinese artist to enter the iTunes Top 60 in the United States.

He is a powerhouse in the acting world of TV and movies, and has hosted many top-rated reality shows in Asia, in addition to music. LAY released Honey, a digital EP with the same-named title tune, last year. In barely three minutes after its release on QQ Music in China, the EP had surpassed 1.87 million digital sales. The pre-order for Lay Zhang’s new digital album LIT went live on China’s QQ Music website, and it immediately shattered nine certification records. Within 7 minutes and 19 seconds of its release, the digital album had topped 1.5 million pre-orders, securing the top spot on QQ Music’s daily and weekly album sales list.

LIT, LAY’s latest EP, is now available worldwide on all streaming and digital formats. On YouTube, you can see the music video for the title track.