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‘Alchemy of Souls’ Actor Lee Jae Wook Captured Our Hearts During Manila Fan Meeting

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lee jae wook fanmeet manila

South-Korean actor Lee Jae Wook captured the hearts of the fans during his first-ever fan meeting in Manila at the New Frontier Theater last March 11. ICYDK, Lee Jae Wook starred in popular Korean dramas The Alchemy of Souls, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, and Extraordinary You. During the fan meet, the 24-year-old star made a heart-fluttering entrance as he sang Paul Kim’s “Every Day, Every Moment” for his fans. 

lee jae wook fanmeet manila philippines 1
Lee Jae Wook FIRST Fan meeting in Manila | Photo courtesy to Wilbros Live

Lee Jae Wook’s TMI 

The show’s first segment is about getting to know Lee Jae Wook. In this part, host Sam Oh asked the actor some facts about himself, like his interest in swimming. He said, “I really love swimming.

lee jae wook in manila 3
Lee Jae Wook FIRST Fan meeting in Manila | Photo by Jonnie Ngo

When asked whether he’s the type of person who likes to follow trends, he responded with a no. He doesn’t follow trends easily, and the fans were quick to point out that it’s because he’s the trend, which made the actor smile. 

Lee Jae Wook’s Favorite

The trivia game “Lee Jae Wook’s Favorite” began with the actor sharing his three favorites—music, movies, and food. He created a Spotify playlist to serve as his drive playlist, and among them was his Alchemy of Souls co-star, Hwang Minhyun’s “Hidden Side.” He revealed that it’s his current favorite song. 

Lee Jae Wook also mentioned that he likes binge-watching during his free time. He recommended the film Christmas in August to his fans. Lee Jae Wook shared, “Whenever I have a day-offs, I think I watch movies all day long.”

lee jae wook in manila 6
Lee Jae Wook FIRST Fan meeting in Manila | Photo by Jonnie Ngo

According to the actor, he watches everything since he’s not picky with genres. Surprisingly, Lee Jae Wook wants to try a sexy or villain role next time. 

Another fun fact about him is that he prefers his food warm even if the weather is hot. He also admitted that he likes to put sugar in his food. As for his favorite, it’s kimchi fried rice. 

Lee Jae Wook’s Habit

In the segment “Lee Jae Wook’s Habit,” the actor shared that he has a habit of holding onto the microphone whenever he has events like the fan meet. When the host asked what he usually does first thing in the morning, he answered, “As soon as I wake up, I would take a shower, go out, then work out.


Lee Jae Wook’s Habit Balance

The trivia game “Lee Jae Wook’s Habit Balance” challenged the actor to choose one answer. In the first question, he got asked whether he would send messages multiple times versus a long message at once, and he answered “multiple messages.” In the following question, he said he enjoys calling over texting. 

lee jae wook in manila 5
Lee Jae Wook FIRST Fan meeting in Manila | Photo by Jonnie Ngo

Lee Jae Wook has always been open about being a home buddy, so it’s no surprise when he chooses to stay home and cook sugary things rather than go out. The last question was about cleaning right away or collecting and then throwing it all together. Lee Jae Wook shyly admitted to collecting first, making the audience laugh for being relatable.

Lee Jae Wook’s Message

The most exciting segment is “Lee Jae Wook’s Message” for his fans who submitted their letters. The fans had the opportunity to interact with the actor as he responded to all the letters to him with the most encouraging bits of advice. Lee Jae Wook took the time to touch their hearts with sweet and caring yet humorous advice. 

lee jae wook in manila
Lee Jae Wook FIRST Fan meeting in Manila | Photo by Jonnie Ngo

When Lee Jae Wook received the question, “How do you keep a positive mind?” he confessed that he’s not the type of person. He joked that during the ten hours of his work time, he’s just pretending to be positive for nine and a half hours, like acting all day. But while pretending, he also realized he had indeed become happy.

lee jae wook in manila 2
Lee Jae Wook FIRST Fan meeting in Manila | Photo by Jonnie Ngo

A fan who happens to be a writer asked for Lee Jae Wook’s advice as she struggled with a creative slump. The actor gave her advice from artist to artist. He told her, “In Korea, there’s a one Korean film director named Bong Joon Ho, whom I really respect…the most personal is the most creative.” 

He remembered the quote because the director had told him. He added, “As you experience different situations through deep thinking, I’m pretty sure creativity will root out from that.” and advised the fan to hang tight despite the hardships.

Alchemy of Soul: Light and Shadow, Best 3 Ending Scenes

With fans’ overwhelming support from the popular Korean drama series, Alchemy of Soul, the top 3 best-ending scenes based on votes were shown on screen. The top 1 was the fight scene, which is also Lee Jae Wook’s favorite. 

lee jae wook fanmeet manila
Lee Jae Wook FIRST Fan meeting in Manila | Photo courtesy to Wilbros Live

If there will be a Season 3, he said the main focus would be his action or scenes with Go Yoon and the love that will sprout.”

Host Sam Oh asked what’s the similarity between him and his character Jang Uk, but there was nothing similar. He replied, “Try to think of it, always drinking, always angry, always wearing black.”


First Challenge with Lee Jae Wook

Lee Jae Wook returned with a black outfit for the fan meeting part two with the segment “First Challenge with Lee Jae Wook.” There was a raffle draw for this game, and whoever wins against him will have the opportunity to have a polaroid selfie. The first one was “Shake it! Shake it! Remove it!” they had to peel off sticky notes. The second game was “Collect Marbles” with a blindfold. The third game was “Collect the Sticks,” wherein they had to pitch pot. Followed by the “What Am I” where they guess the fruit by touch. Lastly is the “Dizzy bell ringing,” where they must turn around and ring the bell first. Fortunately, all five fans won against Lee Jae Wook, hence the solo polaroid selfie with the actor. In addition, he gave away his sunglasses and signed original soundtrack albums to lucky fans.

lee jae wook in manila 4
Lee Jae Wook FIRST Fan meeting in Manila | Photo by Jonnie Ngo

Before Lee Jae Wook ended his Manila tour, he sang a rendition of “Tomboy” by Hyukoh and gave another photo opportunity to three lucky fans. 

He expressed his full gratitude to Filipino fans, “I really had a fun time today. This is a country that I would love to come back. You guys are gonna meet me again, right? I’m very thankful, and I love you all.” 

lee jae wook fanmeet mnl 1
Lee Jae Wook FIRST Fan meeting in Manila | Photo courtesy to Wilbros Live

The fan meeting ended with a hi-bye session. His message was, “Everyone, you all did a great job. I’m really thankful to you all, and I love you all. We’ll meet again soon, okay?”

Special thanks to Wilbros Live for bringing Lee Jae Wook to Manila and for the media invite.

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    Apart Cy

    March 17, 2023 at 10:54 am

    ohhhh napaksaya na nakaattend sa kanyang fanmeeting
    memorable din ito kay lee jae wook na nakavisit siya dito sa pinas at dami niyang pinasaya na mga filipino fans

  2. Avatar

    Lyn Lyn C. Boquiren

    March 29, 2023 at 9:35 pm

    For sure, ang unforgettable na experience nito para sa mga nakapunta. Sana sa kanyang pagbabalik ay makapunta na me.

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