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You Can Take Your Productivity To New Heights With The New LG’s 49-inch UltraWide™ Monitor




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Take up as much space as possible and go beyond multitasking. The LG 49WL95C – a 49-inch UltraWideTM display – is the company’s newest addition to their celebrated line of monitors. This display is an UltraWideTM 32:9 Dual QHD (5120×1440) monitor with a 27-inch 16:9 QHD pixel space in one panel and 70% more pixels than a 32:9 FHD monitor (3840×1080).

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You can save time by eliminating alt-tabbing thanks to the large screen real estate. You can find references and organize stock photos for use with raw photographs for creatives. Image thumbnails may be viewed on a single screen without switching windows, allowing you to spend less time preparing your images. Content developers may easily manage the entire chronology. You may review source clips for your videos by looking at the video storyboard. You can examine thumbnails of the source files and upload them to the timeline without switching windows.

Musicians and sound engineers are given the freedom to work on multiple projects at the same time. Without scrolling, you can examine a five-minute timeline and complete an arrangement task. With 1:1 video editing and a mixing tool, jobs for music clips used in YouTube videos can be done. The new UltraWideTM allows you to enlarge your workspace even in an office situation. With fewer connections and narrower bezels, you can attain the same screen size and clarity as four 27-inch QHD displays by stacking two 49WL95C monitors vertically.

2 LG 49 inch UltraWide Monitor
LG’s newest offering in their acclaimed line of monitors is the 49WL95C – a 49-inch UltraWide™ monitor.

The LG 49-inch UltraWideTM monitor has no limits. Despite its size, its functions are simple and straightforward to use. With just one keyboard or mouse, you may operate many devices connected to one screen. You may easily move files between linked devices by dragging and dropping them. With On Screen Control software, you may control a variety of display settings with just a single mouse click. Screen Split makes it simple to divide the entire display area. It also has USB Type-C connectivity, which allows for fast data transfers. It’s also easy to modify and ergonomically constructed. The height, tilt, and swivel adjustment stand allows you to personalize your workspace by adjusting the height, tilt, and swivel.

If the UltraWideTM didn’t provide exceptional picture quality, the wide workspace would be incomplete. HDR technology is now being used in a variety of media. The 49WL95C supports HDR 10, allowing viewers can appreciate the content’s vibrant colors. Automatic Brightness Control is also included. The sensor adjusts to light, brightening in bright regions and darkening in dark ones so you can work in the best possible display environment.

The wide workspace wouldn’t be complete if the UltraWide™ didn’t offer exquisite picture quality. It has HDR technology is now applied to various content. 49WL95C supports HDR 10 that enables viewers to enjoy the dramatic colors of the content. It also offers Automatic Brightness Control. The sensor reacts to light, making the screen brighter in bright areas and darker in the dark for you to work in the optimal display environment. To know more about this LG’s new UltraWide™ monitor, visit


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