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10 Life Lessons We Learned From Korean Drama Queen of Tears




life lessons queen of tears

BRB, we’re basking in both heartache and kilig from Queen of Tears’ finale.

Queen of Tears left us dazed and stunned with its finale! The show undoubtedly won the hearts of its viewers and has been one of the hottest and most popular entertainment topics since its first release date last March.

With over five million viewers from their 14th episode, this most-watched K-drama series of 2024 created an even stronger influence on long-time K-drama fans and casual TV show audiences. Funny memes related to the series were posted across social media platforms and stills with sentimental lines from the show were also widely shared online. As usual, fans of the show also hope that the series’ adorable leading stars–Kim Soo-Hyun and Kim Ji Won–will have a romantic relationship in real life, just like many Korean actors who have starred in their own K-drama series.

But apart from Soo-Hyun’s and Ji-Won’s striking on-screen chemistry and the show’s thrilling yet emotional plot, the drama sent fans to a world of romance and familial love with imparted life lessons throughout the show.

Here we list all the lessons we learned by heart while watching the much-loved drama:

Trust and cherish your family the most

kdrama queen of tears life lessons

This goes on top of the list. Families experience difficult times where members may develop feelings of hatred and contempt, but they must keep a soft spot of love and trust towards each other. Queen of Tears successfully portrayed the Hongs as an affluent family tied by wealth and power but the show also unfailingly characterized each family member, including the Baek family, to be caring and protective of each other as the show progressed.

Make your health your top priority

Who wants to live a healthy and stress-free life like Beom-ja’s love interest Eun-Young? Us! Experiencing the grandeur of life is impossible when you’re sick. No amount of possessions or chunks of money can also guarantee your immunity from sickness. The series showed the dangers of having an illness, not only to the person suffering from it but also to the people close to them.

Do your best in everything that you do

It would take us a day or a week if we list all the traits that make Hyun-woo the perfect guy, but one of them is that he does his best in everything that he puts his mind and heart into. Whether it’s boxing, studying, working, swimming, investigating, cooking, loving and protecting Hae-in, (and making us all kilig), he sees to it that he puts his utmost effort.

Set ambitious goals for yourself

kdrama queen of tears life lessons 4

Hae-in has inspired us since the first episode. From her empowering demeanor and timeless style, to quiet acts of kindness and strong drive for success, she undeniably exerts that soft feminine and girlboss energy that we look for in her character. One thing we can learn from her is that she works firmly towards her goal, may it be joining the one trillion club, reaching billions of sales for her company, or becoming hugely successful.

Choose your life partner wisely

Choosing a person you will spend the rest of your life with is possibly one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. We’re not saying that everyone should look for a partner who lives in the country with an influential family that owns more than 30 cows, a law graduate who’s part of the Marine Special Guard team, someone who knows how to box, swim, cook, and is willing to work for, take care of, and protect you when things go south.

Marriage is about sticking together

We’ve seen how many times Hyun-woo could have just left his current state and saved himself from the issues of the Hong family, but he didn’t. Instead he kept his promise to Hae-in that he would be by her side no matter what. We can’t explain further so we’ll just sob as we remember these lines:

“Try all you want. I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to stay by her side forever. I’ll be with her.” – Baek Hyun Woo


“I wanted you to be by my side. I didn’t want to be alone. Ever.” – Hong Hae In

Strengthen your relationship by communicating with your partner

kdrama queen of tears life lessons 8

Hyun-woo’s and Hae-in’s destructive communication habits, including behaviors like stonewalling and giving silent treatments, fractured the earliest years of their marriage. When they expressed their vulnerability and started to convey their feelings, their connection gradually deepened. This happens when couples effectively communicate with each other, and talk about the most difficult subjects that affect their relationship.

Inferiority fades with time and effort

Soo-cheol’s childlike reasoning and feeble physique may demonstrate his inferiority in the Hong family, but he eventually showed initiative in learning to protect his own family by being independent from his parents and learning how to defend himself through boxing. His character may not be perfect, but he certainly has a gentle and warm soul.

Make unforgettable memories

kdrama queen of tears life lessons 11

Spoiler alert! Everyone who watched the drama may have bawled their eyes out during Episode 14, when Hae-in dealt with memory loss after her surgery. We, the viewers, thought of ways on how she can regain her memories or simply remember glimpses of her past. Thankfully, Hae-in had special memories with Hyun-woo, such as his marriage proposal in the aquarium and listening to her old mp3 player. Creating joyful memories is what makes life exceptional, as Hyun-woo’s mother puts it, “I realized that life may seem long, but happy memories are limited.”

Treasure meaningful friendships

Apart from their comedic roles, the characters of Secretary Na and divorce attorney Yang-ki extended beyond comedy as they were instrumental in carrying out the BaekHong couple’s missions. Even the character of Grace, the Hong family’s money-grubbing butler, became a family friend in the end as her guilt developed empathy towards the Hong family.

Bonus: Be skeptical

Regardless of social status, one must be highly doubtful of people’s intentions. Chairman Hong was deceived by Mrs. Moh for a long time, as she was prepared to endure all those years scheming for money. Being overly trusting to others, especially if they seem dishonest and suspicious, may put your life and safety at risk.

kdrama queen of tears life lessons 14

Queen of Tears is one of the many k-dramas with swirled themes of romance, familial relationships, power, revenge, and friendship. Hyun-woo and Hae-in taught us the importance of sticking together in challenging times, and as much as we want to live in their fictional world, we’ll just remember them with the valuable lessons we learned from the crowd-favorite series


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