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List of Upcoming Films And Series On Netflix This October 2022

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Upcoming netlix show october 2022

Here is the list of the upcoming shows on Netflix this October 2022


The School for Good and Evil (Film)

The School for Good and Evil

Best friends When Sophie and Agatha are taken to a magical school for future fairy-tale heroes and villains, their friendship is put to the test.

  • Launch Date: October 19 

Doll House (Film)

Doll House 1

A troubled rock band’s lead singer tries to find his long-lost daughter and start a relationship with her that he never had.     

  • Launch Date: October 7 

The Good Nurse (Film) 

The Good Nurse

Amy is a kind nurse and single mother struggling with a heart condition that could kill her. Her complex and demanding night shifts at the ICU push her to her physical and emotional limits. But help comes when Charlie, a kind and caring nurse, starts working at her unit. During the long nights they spend together at the hospital, the two make a solid and loyal friendship, and Amy has hope for her and her young daughter’s future for the first time in years. But when a series of mysterious patient deaths starts an investigation that points to Charlie as the main suspect, Amy has to risk her life and her children’s safety to find out the truth.

  • Launch Date: October 26 

Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities (Series) 

Guillermo Del Toros Cabinet of Curiosities 1

This collection of eight scary stories, put together by Guillermo del Toro, is beautiful to look at and gives you chills.

  • Launch Date: October 25 


Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (Film)

Mr. Harrigans Phone

A boy and a wealthy older man become friends over books and their first iPhones. But even after the older man dies, their strange connection doesn’t end.

  • Launch Date: October 5 

Old People (Film)

Old People

A woman and her two kids go home to attend her sister’s wedding. They have to fight off older people on a killing spree when they get there. 

  • Launch Date: October  7

The Curse of Bridge Hollow (Film)

The Curse of Bridge Hollow

When an old, mischievous spirit makes Halloween decorations come to life and cause trouble, a father (Marlon Wayans) and his teenage daughter (Priah Ferguson) must work together to save their town.

  • Launch Date: October 14 

Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3 (Series)

The popular remake of the true-crime documentary series is back for a new season.  

  • Launch Date: October 18 (episodes 1-3), October 25 (episodes 4-6)

The Stranger (Film)

The Stranger

A police officer goes undercover and gets close to a murder suspect to gain his trust and get him to confess.

  • Launch Date: October 19  

28 Days Haunted (Series)

28 Days Haunted

For a paranormal experiment based on the ideas of Ed and Lorraine Warren, three teams each spend 28 days in some of America’s most haunted places.

  • Launch Date: October 21  

The Chalk Line (Film)

The Chalk Line

Based on the true story of “The Monster of Amstetten,” this is a psychological thriller. 

  • Launch Date: October 24 

The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself (Series) 

The Bastard Son The Devil Himself

This bloody and beautiful fantasy show is based on the “Half Bad” books by Sally Green. It stars Jay Lycurgo (“Titans”) and Nadia Parkes (“Doctor Who”).  

  • Launch Date: October 28  

Wendell & Wild (Film) 

Wendell Wild

This stop-motion animation adventure is about two demon brothers trying to escape the Underworld. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele play the brothers.    

  • Launch Date: October 28  

Inside Man (Series) 

Inside Man

David Tennant and Stanley Tucci are in this movie about an American death row prisoner who helps a young British journalist look for a friend who has suddenly vanished..     

  • Launch Date: Coming Soon  

The Midnight Club (Series) 

The Midnight Club

Inside a hospice for dying teens, members of an exclusive club make a scary deal: the first person to die must send a message from the afterlife.   

  • Launch Date: October 7 


Bling Empire: Season 3 (Series)

Bling Empire Season 3

Unfinished business and big chances make the group tense, but that won’t stop them from living their most flashy and fabulous lives. 

  • Launch Date: October 5  

The Mole (Series) 

The Mole

In this new version of a cult-favourite series, twelve players take on challenges while trying to figure out who among them is ruining their missions.  

  • Launch Date: October 7

Easy-Bake Battle (Series) 

Easy Bake Battle

Home cooks with a lot of skill and creativity put their skills and ideas to the test by making quick and easy dishes that are so tasty they deserve a big cash prize.    

  • Launch Date: October 12 

Take 1 (Series) 

Take 1

Famous musicians pull out all the stops to give the best live performance they can of a song they chose, and they do it all in one take.     

  • Launch Date: October 14 


Sh**ting Stars: Season 1

Shting Stars Season 1

When a powerful PR executive has to work with her annoying rival, who also happens to be a megastar client, frustrations and feelings start to clash.

  • Launch Date: October 12 

Under the Queen’s Umbrella (Series)

Under the Queens Umbrella

A strong queen tries to get her rowdy sons to behave so that one can become Joseon’s next king. Meanwhile, her rivals try to take the throne from her.  

  • Launch Date: October 15   

Romantic Killer (Series)

Romantic Killer

Anzu is happy being single, and romance is the last thing on her mind. That is, until a tiny wizard who makes matches turns her life into a typical romantic comedy.

  • Launch Date: October 27  


Spirit Rangers (Kids & Family)

Spirit Rangers

Kodi, Summer, and Eddy are Native American siblings. They have a secret: they are “Spirit Rangers” who help protect the national park where they live.

  • Launch Date: October 10  

Dead End: Paranormal Park: Season 2 (Kids & Family)

Dead End Paranormal Park Season 2

Barney, Norma, Pugsley, and their other friends meet many strange new people, like angels, evil twins, and an army of crazy Pauline Phoenix dolls.

  • Launch Date: October 13  

Daniel Spellbound (Kids & Family)

Daniel Spellbound

In this exciting supernatural adventure series, a young tracker follows in the footsteps of his late father to find out about a plot in the magical world.

  • Launch Date: October 27  


Luckiest Girl Alive (Film)

Luckiest Girl Alive

When a true-crime documentary forces a writer to face her scary high school past, her perfect life in New York City falls apart.

  • Launch Date: October 7  

Glitch (Series)


A young woman teams up with a UFO fan to find out what happened to her boyfriend when he suddenly disappeared, and they end up in the middle of a crazy plot. 

  • Launch Date: October 7 

Someone Borrowed (Film)

Someone Borrowed

A man who isn’t willing to change hires an actress to play his fiancée so that his mother’s dying wish is met and he doesn’t lose his place in her will.

  • Launch Date: October 11 

From Scratch (Series)

From Scratch

An artist falls in love with a chef in Italy, and the two go on a journey across cultures and continents that changes their lives.

  • Launch Date: October 21   

If Only (Series)

If Only

Emma has been in a lousy marriage for ten years and has difficulty dealing with it. Then, she gets an unbelievable chance to live over the last ten years.

  • Launch Date: October 28  

20th Century Girl (Film)

20th Century Girl

In 1999, a teenage girl kept a close eye on a boy at school for her best friend, who is deeply in love with him. Then, she falls in love herself.

  • Launch Date: Coming Soon 
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1 Comment

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