Seokchon Lake: Experience Riding On A Moon Boat and UFO Boat At South Korea

Have you seen these boats before? The best theme park in Korea, Lotte World, opened two new rides last May called Moon Boat and UFO Boat, to mark Family Month in Korea.

A Moon boat is a boat that looks like the moon, and a UFO boat looks like a UFO. You can try this boat directly on Seokchon Lake, where Lotte World is located.

ufo boat and moon boat lotte world
Image credit: summer_jiin

These “Moon Boat” and “UFO Boat” are boats that use IoT technology and can be controlled by arrow keys. At night, the lights on these boats can be set to different colors, and you can connect your phone to the boats to listen to music.

Near Sebitseom Island and the Hangang River, there are many water attractions in Seoul, such as the “Rubber Duck Boat” and tubesters. How about taking a beautiful boat out on Seokchon Lake and making the most of the night before it gets too hot. The fee is 25,000 won for 2-3 people and UFO Boats are 35,000 won for 4-5 people



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