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Yummy Pinoy Food At MAMA RINS

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We have tried many international delicacies, but it’s time for us to go local, and we’re about to try some great dishes from MAMA RINS! Like many businesses that sprouted up during the lockdown, MAMA RINS is about to give us the real homemade experience.


MAMA RINS started their family business roughly two months ago, but they have been in the industry since 2005. The owner’s father had a restaurant called “Tito Reys” in the 80s-90s, so they decided to give the name MAMA RINS has an homage to Tito Reys.

They serves recipes passed on to the father from their grandmothers from both sides of the family. Overall, the entire family loves to cook, so it genuine family love for food in all the cooking recipes.

If you have to start with MAMA RINS the best-sellers are the Kare-Kare, Twiced cooked adobo, Bakareta, and Binagoongan.




  • Kare-Kare: Loved it! Rate: 9/10
  • Twiced Cooked Adobo: Simply delicious! Rate: 10/10
  • Binagoongan: Loved it! Rate: 9/10
  • Leche Flan: Deliciosu! Rate: 10/10

You can contact MAMA RINS on their Facebook fan page: MamaRins2020 or on their Instagram account: MamaRins2020

You can also email: or Dial/Text/Viber: 09278709596

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