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Discovering Solar: Facts about MAMAMOO’s Leader




facts about mamamoos solar

Kim Yongsun popularly known by her stage name Solar is set to meet Yongsoons in her upcoming “2ND CONCERT [COLOURS] TOUR” at The Theatre at Solaire on June 16.

While some are familiar with her powerful vocals and leadership skills, there are numerous parts of her life and career that reveal why she continues to be a fascinating K-Pop artist.

A Decade of Career

Under RBW Entertainment, Solar trained for three years and debuted as a member and vocalist of MAMAMOO on June 18, 2014. Also, the singer-songwriter entered her soloist era with the single “Spit It Out” on April 23, 2020.

Iconic concepts

“I was releasing my solo album for the first time, I tried to show the raw side of myself to capture my true self in the album,” she revealed why she chose a shaved head in a music video.

She is also known for pushing boundaries of K-Pop as seen with her confidence in hairstyles such as half and half dyed hair and straight eyebrows. 


Versatile Actress

Aside from her idol quests, Solar showcased her powerful musical range through her theatrical debut in “Mata Hari” in 2022. In this new role, she was nominated for “Best New Actress” category at the 7th Korea Musical Awards.

Youtuber Solar

Get more of Solar’s charm by watching her YouTube Channel “Solarsido” which has more than 3 million subscribers. It serves as an outlet for the artist to create dance choreography, mukbangs, workout routines, and other fun challenges.

Trainee to Trainor

As a professional idol in the industry, she also served as a judge for “Joseon Top Singer,” “2023 Veiled Musician,” and “Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survival. In addition, she was recently announced as a coach for Make Mate 1 which is broadcast powerhouse KBS’s new global idol debut project.

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